Timeline Final Project

  • Birthday

  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

    birth to age 2
  • First Step

  • First Word

  • Step-mom bond

    Around this time I became very attached to my future step-mom.
  • Height 24" Weight 31 lbs

  • Period: to

    Play years

    Age 2-6
  • Asked "why?" quite frequently

  • Dad and Step-mom get married

  • Moved into house in Livonia

  • Started Kindergarten

  • Took off Training Wheels

  • Started Girl Scouts

  • Started T-ball

  • Period: to

    School Years

    Ages 6 to 11
  • Developed a strong interest in math

  • Had trouble learning to read

    In second grade I learned that I had a reading disability
  • Began to play basketball

    In third grade I began to play basketball with Abby Dayna and Becca for LJAL
  • Childhood Friendships

    When I was in fourth grade I became best friends with Dayna, Abby, and Becca.
  • Period: to


    Ages 11 to 18
  • Began cheerleading

    I started cheerleading in 7th grade for the Livonia Eagles
  • Biological Mom Died

  • Step-mom adopts my sister and I

    Our biological mom was never in the picture and when my mom found out she had past away, my step mom became our legal gaurdian.
  • Started Middle School

  • First cell phone for my birthday

  • Drivers Liscence

  • Decided to become a Nurse

    Started to look at careers other than teaching and became very interested in nursing.
  • My First Car - Camaro

  • First Job At Leos Coney Island

    Developed very strong friendships with many of my co workers, people I am still friends with.
  • First Boyfriend Eric

  • Graduated High School

  • Graduated High School

  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

    Ages 18 to 25
  • Started College at Eastern/Moved out.

    Moved out of my parents house and into an apartment with chera.
  • Fall in love with John

    John was a friend in high school I hung out with everyday. We fell in love after he had been in the marines for boot camp. Had an on and off relationship until he was discharged.
  • Become best friends with katelyn

    I went to high school with katelyn, and not until a year after graduation we became friends. We will later go to Italy together on vacation.
  • Moved home

    After leaving school at EMU I moved home because it was closer to Schoolcraft than my apartment in ypsilanti
  • First run in with the law

    I got an MIP one night when I had one drink at age 19, then the cops came cause two girls were fighting in the street. 9 months reporting probation and 40 hours community service.
  • Did not get accepted to Easterns Nursing Program

  • Transfered to Schoolcraft College

  • Probation ends

  • Micheal-First boyfriend out of high school

    Micheal was my best friends brother. Very easy to date because I was always at that house, but not a very good reason to date someone. We hung out too much and broke up after a huge fight and he moved out.
  • Transfer to Madonna Unviersity

  • Go to Italy

    First out of the country vacation. Just my friend Katelyn and I go explore Itally for 10 days
  • Begin nursing school at Madonna

  • Graduate nursing school

    Receive my bacholar degree in nursing form Madonna University
  • Buy a house with John

  • Get married to John

  • Period: to


    Ages 25 to 65
  • First child born- Parker, boy

  • Second child- Rory, boy

  • Quit Smoking

  • Masters Degree

    Receive my masters degree in nursing from University of Detroit to become a nurse practitioner
  • Open practitioners office with partener.

  • First child, parker, moves to to college

  • Secind child, Rory, moves to college

  • Join Doctors without Borders.

  • First Grandchild

  • Started menopause

  • Second Grandchild

  • Third Grandchild

  • Leave practitioners office and leave it to my partener

    Age 63 decided to retire but still work a few hours a week at a hospital near home.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    Age 65 to Death
  • Start working Part-time at a Clinic

  • First Child Parker Moves to Texas for Work

  • First Grandchild Starts College to Become a Doctor

  • Husband and I travel the world for a Year

  • Husband Diagnosed with Dementia

  • Second Grandchild Moves to New York for Art School

  • Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

  • Third Granchild Startes College for Buisness.

  • Husband Dies

  • Die of Lung Cancer