Timeline Assignment

  • Period: to

    End of world war 2 to 2012 **NOTE: i didnt know the full date just the year for some**

  • Korean war begins

    Joseph Stalin gives aid to North Korea who start to invade South Korea that have Soviet weapons.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    krusghev wants us to remove their missels from turkey out or they wont move theirs form U.S. territory.
  • Egypt and Syria attack Isreal

    Egypt request's soviet aid...
  • Isreal And egypt make peace

    when the us brings peace to egypt and isreal, egypt becomes arab see isreal... isreal takes away from sinai.
  • First Intifada

    palestinians are furious because of Isreals constant occupation of Gaza and the West bank that leads to Violence.
  • Second Intifada

    palestinian and isreali peace negotiation fails. there are suicide bombings all over and kill 4000 palestinians and 1000 isreali's
  • 9/11

    OsamaBin Laden's terrorist group crash planes in the twin towers.
  • Isreal leaves Gaza

    Isreal abandons their land in Gaza and takes their troops out.