By lpfier
  • Analyze EVAAS data of English II EOC, SAT, ACT, and PLAN Test scores

  • English II Pre-Assessment

    Use Google forms to chart students' initial cognitive levels
  • ONGOING WEEKLY Collaborize Classroom posts

    Student participation through online content and disucssion forums using resources such as Upfront and NYTimes Learning Network
  • ONGOING MONTHLY assessments using Google forms

    Access and utlize data to monitor growth progress and improve writing/typing skills

    Assess and analyze/compare data from pre-assessment
  • Projects incorporated through each semester:

    web 2.0 and multimedia presentations, Skyppe, virtual fieldtrips, digitally publish stories, research projects and presentations
  • EOC Preparation

    interactive web-based review games and EOC simulation practice (English II EOC is entirely online)
  • Analyze Student/Class Semester Growth Progress

    using pre-assessment (google form), mid-assessment (online benchmark), and post-assessment (Eng II EOC scores)
  • Assess Yearly Growth

    Analyze the year's growth by comparing student English II EOC scores, SAT scores, PLAN & ACT scores
  • Examine & Analyze Growth

    using English II EOC scores, SAT scores, PLAN & ACT scores.
  • Repeat projects/assessments each semester