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    invented in the 3rd century, the organ has been an instrument mainly used in churches. Near the baroque period however, the new "pipe organ" has reached its great complexity.
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    Though this instrument was invented around the middle ages. It soon blew up in popularity during the baroque period. It was an instrument similar toa modern piano but had fewer keys, was plucked instead of hammered, and used a single set string of strings unlike the modern piano which uses more than one string for each key
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    Monteverdi was one of the pioneers of the music of the Baroque period. He was previously making music during the age of the renaissance but would later evolve his music to make up what would be early baroque.​
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    Early Baroque

    The short period of musicians trying to get away from the complex polyphonic texture that was the late renaissance. This era would also use homophony and see it as the most expressive melodic device. there would also be a shift from modality to tonality. Dynamics such as Piano and Forte would also be used more frequently.
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    The Baroque

    a period or style of Western art music composed from approximately 1600 to the 1730s. This era followed the Renaissance music era and was followed in turn by the Classical era.
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    Stylistic Traits​

    The Baroque era would be known for qualities such as sensuous richness, grandeur, drama, movement, tension, etc. This era would also be the birth of genres known as Sonata, Concerto, and Opera
  • The Arrival of Pilgrims

    The Arrival of Pilgrims
    The Mayflower ship would arrive in New England in 1620. The Pilgrims would have originally intended to settle near the Hudson River in New York, but would be dangerous and poor winds would force the ship to seek shelter at Cape Cod.
  • Discovery of New York

    Discovery of New York
    New York was originally a Dutch colony called New Amsterdam. This new colony would be founded by Peter Minuit in 1626. In 1664 the Dutch surrendered the colony to the English and it has since been renamed New York, after the Duke of York.
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    Middle Baroque

    the emergence of different vocal styles ranging from cantata, oratorio, and opera. Changes would be made in terms of how melody and harmony can be used, this would make the status of music equal with words as music then was regarded as pre-eminent. Melody would be more organized with the use of repetition, sequence, and contrast. Rhythm would become a central element, and homophony and polyphony would be commonly used
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    J.B Lully

    Italian-born French court and operatic composer who from 1662 completely controlled French court music and whose style of composition was imitated throughout Europe.
  • Baroque Violin

    Baroque Violin
    an instrument similar to a modern violin, a baroque violin has a shorter neck and was not played with a cheek rest or shoulder rest. This instrument was one of the most popular instruments used during the period.
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    Vivaldi was an Italian baroque composer and one of the greatest violinists at the time. He was also a teacher and a Roman Catholic priest. Many would claim that he is one of the greatest Baroque composers alongside J.S Bach.​
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    Late Baroque

    Composers would take back the complex polyphony once again. In the late baroque, the diatonic system of 24 major and minor keys would finally be established. The sixteenth note and notation of music would be standardized for rhythms
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    J.S Bach

    Bach would be known for his complex instrumentations and crafted his skill from studying music through and through. Many would regard Bach as one of the greatest composers of all time​
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    George Handel

    a german composer of the late Baroque era would be known particularly for his operas, and oratorios. He would later write his famous of all oratorios, Messiah
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    This event was a tragic one. During this time trials would be held for those who would be accused of being a witch, with no evidence being present other than a "witness" or "rumor". The accused would most likely be burned or tortured in some other until death. This would be known as an infamous time in U.S History considering the fact that these people would be accused by a person who they didn't get along with or that person truly believed they were a witch