• Preemption Act

    it permitted squatters who were living on federal government land to get 160 acres.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    it created territories for both areas of lands.
  • The first treaty between the Oto Tribe and the US government

    a agreement between the US and Oto.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    a war between the United States Of of america and confederate states of america
  • Morrill Act

    U.S sells federal owned land
  • Morrill Act

    it was to used to set aside federal land to put collages to benefit agricultural knowledge.
  • Homestead Act

    it allowed settlers to get 160 acres of land.
  • Period: to

    Construction of the transcontinental railroad

    it was so they could connect existing railroads
  • Plum Creek Massacre

    a party of people attacked a freight wagon train killing 13 men
  • Sand Creek Massacre

    this happened between the cheyenne and the Arapaho
  • Nebraska becomes a State

    it became a state and not a lot of people lived their back them.
  • The first Treaty of Fort Laramie

    a treaty signed between United States treaty commissioners and representatives of the cheyenne and other tribes.
  • The treaty in 1892 between the US government and the Lakota Tribe

    it was recognized by black hills as part of the great sioux reservation.