Time Line

By jc237
  • 400

    Aborginal People

    Aborginal people settle Australia in 40,000bc
  • 400

    Aborginal Painting

    Aborginal people make paintings on rocks which still can be seen
  • Captin James Cook

    Captin James Cook explores Australia from 1769 to 1770
  • Great Brittain

    Great Brittain starts colony in Australia
  • Gold in Australia

    Gold is found in New South Wales Australia
  • Common Wealth

    Australia becomes a common wealth nation
  • Sinjgle Independent nation

    Australia's colonies join togather to form independent nation
  • Stolen Generation

    100,000 Aborginal kids are taken to assimilate with whites 1909 to 1969
  • World War 2

    1939 to 1945 Australia fights with allies in W.W.2
  • Aborginal Land

    Aborginals try to get land ancestors, they are unsucessful
  • Wik Aborginals

    Wik aborginals are able to lease land from government that was once ancestors
  • Australian independent republic

    Australia holds referendum to become an independent republic but does not happen because a head of state could not be chosen
  • Australia hold games

    Australia hold Olympic games in Sydney
  • Black Sunday

    Large brushfires sweep across Victoria Australia
  • State of Queensland

    State of Queensland is affected by major flooding