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Tiananmen Square 1989

  • Hu Yaobang's Death

    Hu Yaobang's Death
    Hu Yaobang dies while recovering from a heart attack. Students begin to gather on Chinese campuses to pay tribute to Yaobang.
  • A gathering in Tiananmen Square

    A gathering in Tiananmen Square
    The memorial gatherings to honor Yaobang grew more emotional and political. In Beijing, students move their gathering into that of Tiananmen Square
  • 7 Demands for the Government

    7 Demands for the Government
    Beijing University students lead a very large march through the city and into the square. Once there, they read off 7 demands for the government. As many as several hundred students begin to sit in front of the Great Hall of the People.
  • A Sit-in at Xinhua Gate

    A Sit-in at Xinhua Gate
    Students begin to have a "sit-in" at the Xinhua Gate entrance into the city of Zhongnanhai. Beijing police are sent in order to maintain peace in both Xinhua Gate and Tiananmen Square.
  • The Xinhua Gate Bloody Incident

    The Xinhua Gate Bloody Incident
    Confrontations begin between both the police and demonstrators at Xinhua Gate. In response, some students return to the campuses and announce to crowds that the soldiers had abused them. They began organizing more boycotts and protests. The organizations, Beida Solidarity Student Union Preparatory Committee and the Autonomous Federation of Students are formed.
  • Student Support From All Over China

    Student Support From All Over China
    In support for a rally, fifty thousand Beijing students gather on Tiananmen Square. Thousands of students begin to arrive in Beijing from other neighboring Chinese cities.
  • Yaobang's Funeral, Or a List of Demands?

    Yaobang's Funeral, Or a List of Demands?
    At the Great Hall of the People, Hu Yaobang's funeral is held. After this event, student leaders kneel on the steps of the hall to read off their list of demands to Li Peng. In return, Li Peng refuses to appear. This incident proves sympathy from surrounding Beijing citizens.
  • Zhao Ziyang Takes a Vacation

    Zhao Ziyang Takes a Vacation
    Zhao Ziyang takes leave for a visit to North Korea. Li Peng takes leadership of governmental affairs and about the student movement.
  • Student Protest, or Anti-government Protest?

    Student Protest, or Anti-government Protest?
    Li Peng and other CCP officials convince Deng Xiaping that the student's protests are more likely an anti-governmental movement.
  • Turmoil

    Party leadership publishes "turmoil," an editorial in the "People's Daily." Citizens and students react violently and angrily.
  • The Tiananmen Square Rally

    The Tiananmen Square Rally
    At Tiananmen Square, fifty thousand students rally. They are soon joined by that of other students protesting in other major Chinese cities
  • Li Peng vs. The Students

    Li Peng vs. The Students
    Li Peng's new editorial believes a group of "black hands" (anti-government troublemakers) are leading students astray. The CCP encourages schools and University officials to increase pro-communist mentality to the campuses.
  • Yuan Mu Takes a Stand

    Yuan Mu Takes a Stand
    In response to government official, Yuan Mu's dialogue with the students, students blast the dialogue session as rigged.
  • The Return of Zhao Ziyang!

    The Return of Zhao Ziyang!
    To Zhao's surprise, he finds that almost 70 percent of Beijing university students are boycotting classes. (Pro-communism classes) International coverage on the student movements is increased.
  • Zhao vs. Li Peng

    Zhao vs. Li Peng
    Zhao has a confrontation with Li Peng over how to handle the demonstrations. (over the student's actions) Zhao defends the students but agrees that public security has become a public issue.
  • A Beijing Student Dialogue Delegation

    A Beijing Student Dialogue Delegation
    From forty schools, students meet at Beijing University to form a Beijing Student Dialogue Delegation. They create and finalize a second list of demands and this is then sent to the Politburo Standing Committee.
  • Yuan Mu's Rejection

    Yuan Mu's Rejection
    Yuan Mu publicly rejects this list of demands and declares it illegal. Zhao, in response, praises the students but asks them to return to class. In an attempt to compromise, students retaliate another demonstration and then return to class.
  • The May 4th Declaration

    The May 4th Declaration
    Students celebrate the anniversary of the 1919 student movement; this led them to march on Tiananmen Square. Student leaders propose a May Fourth Declaration to establish a commitment to democratic reforms. Zhao Ziyang informs investors from the Asian Development Bank about the student movement are not opposing thee CCP. Student demonstrations begin to decrease.
  • A Hunger Strike Emerges!

    A Hunger Strike Emerges!
    Mistrust was speculated by the student leaders in response to the government's intention to continue reform. The need to reenergize the student movement began. A hunger strike is created.
  • Chai Ling: Hope for the Hunger Strike.

    Chai Ling: Hope for the Hunger Strike.
    Student leader, Chai Ling, demonstrates an emotional speech at Beijing University. This recruits more students for the hunger strike.
  • The Start of the Hunger Strike

    The Start of the Hunger Strike
    News of the Hunger Strike nears towards the Chinese government. Yan Mingfu, a partner of Zhao Ziyang, confronts the students. He advises them to stop embarrassing China, especially upon arrival of Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachev. Students agree to leave Tiananmen Square before Gorbachev's visit, but on the square, they start the hunger strike.
  • A Forever Hunger Strike

    A Forever Hunger Strike
    As the news of the Hunger Strike grow larger, supporters from all over, some to support. CCP hard-liners confront Deng about Zhao Ziyang possibly creating the party leadership as a joke. Yan Mingfu confronts the student leaders once more, but the meeting quickly diminishes. The hunger strike participants will not leave the square.
  • An Arrival from Gorbachev

    An Arrival from Gorbachev
    Gorbachev, (the Russian leader) arrives. Foreign media in Beijing focuses their attention towards the hunger strike, (rather than Gorbachev.)
  • A Meeting with Mr. Gorbachev

    A Meeting with Mr. Gorbachev
    Zhao conducts a meeting with Gorbachev and tells of Deng Xiaoping's continuing influence on the CCP.
  • A Two-milion Beijing Crowd?

    A Two-milion Beijing Crowd?
    Forming the largest demonstration in PRC history, a Beijing crowd (two-million strong) enters the protest. Demonstrations are also seen in twenty other Chinese cities. Protestors encourage Deng to step down and Li Peng to resign. Li Peng has advised Deng that Zhao has allowed the student- protestors to grow into a serious public security threat. (At a Politburo meeting.) Deng agrees to enable martial law in Beijing. Zhao attempts to resign, but he is rejected.
  • Zhao Attempts May Have Saved Many...

    Zhao Attempts May Have Saved Many...
    Zhao visits the hunger strikers in the square and provides a warning and even begs them not to endanger their lives. Before pleading illness, he attends his last Politburo meeting.
  • Martial Law? A Possible Problem.

    Martial Law? A Possible Problem.
    The People's Liberation Army (PLA) begin moving troops in response to creating martial law. Beijing factory workers go on strike to provide further support for Beijing students. Students from other Chinese cities begin to flourish Beijing. Student leadership becomes divided as news reach of the new martial law(s).
  • A Surprise Attack!

    A Surprise Attack!
    The government declares martial law in central Beijing. Troops begin entering the city from the suburban areas.
  • Defend Tiananmen Square Headquarters

    Defend Tiananmen Square Headquarters
    A new leadership group emerges, Defend Tiananmen Square Headquarters; students outside of Beijing begin to support this organization. A vote is made to continue the hunger strike (in repsonse to the gradual increase of martial law.) On the streets, a prevention of the troops is made by Beijing residents.
  • The Troops Retreat

    The Troops Retreat
    Martial Law troops retreat back into the suburbs. A rumor is heard that the soldiers are entering the city in street clothes. In reaction to the martial law declaration, international leaders urge China to find a peaceful compromise. On Tiananmen square, 3 protestors deface the portrait of Chairman Mao.
  • The Concert for Democracy

    The Concert for Democracy
    Jiang Zemin is appointed CCP general secretary. Activists and supporters hold the Concert for Democracy in China, raising millions of Hong Kong dollars for the movement of the Beijing students.
  • The Goddess of Democracy

    The Goddess of Democracy
    Beijing police arrest the leaders of the Autonomous Federation of Workers. Students erect the Goddess of Democracy statue on Tiananmen Square.
  • Rallies Here and There!

    Rallies Here and There!
    Students begin to clean-up the square. The CCP creates pro-government rallies in Beijing. Thousands of students rally in favor of arrested workers.
  • Liu Xiaobo Takes a Stand!

    Liu Xiaobo Takes a Stand!
    Writer Liu Xiaobo and three others organize their own hunger strike; drawing in large crowds to Tiananmen Square. The government orders martial law back into Tiananmen Square to maintain peace.
  • The Battle Between Soldier and the Unprotected.

    The Battle Between Soldier and the Unprotected.
    PLA troops begin to move into Beijing clash wounding many who were unarmed (which filled the hospitals.) Residents and soldiers are killed as this clash grows more violently.
  • Retreating Students Killed!

    Retreating Students Killed!
    PLA troops invade and infest Tiananmen Square. Liu Xiaobo leads a delegation to compromise a student withdrawal. As students retreat, military vehicles infest the square. Outside Tiananmen, tanks are firing at retreating students. Across China and in many other countries, protestors denounce what had happened and the deaths in Beijing.
  • One Hope, One Dream, One, Tank Man

    One Hope, One Dream, One, Tank Man
    World leaders react shockingly to the forceful nature of Tiananmen Square. Student leaders prepare to flee China. On Chang'an Blvd., foreign photographers snap pictures of a lone protestor confronting the tanks. Images of Tank Man appear in publications and on television around the world.