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Three Mile Island

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    Nuclear Disasters

    In these 57 years, only 3 nuclear disasters have occured through out the world out of the thousands of nuclear plants which are used.
  • TMI-1

    The first reactor at Three Mile Island went online and still is today. Its license has just resently been extended from 2014 to 2034.
  • TMI-2 Online

    TMI-2 Online
    TMI-2 went online and stayed in use for just over a year
  • The China Syndrome

    The China Syndrome
    Released 12 days before the accident The China Syndrome was an anti-nuclear power movie. It was about a California news anchor (Jane Fonda) who had to cover a nuclear disaster story in China when she found out how unsafe they were. There is a very ironic scene in which Fonda's character speaks with a nuclear safety expert, who said that a meltdown could render an area the size of Pennsylvania (location of TMI) permanently uninhabitable.
  • TMI-2 Reactor Meltdown

    TMI-2 Reactor Meltdown
    Much of the reactor's coolant had escaped due to a stuck pilot-operated valve (PORV) and problems from a secondary non-nuclear system. There were also many human factors. The designs were greatly flawed, and was hard to understand what was happening. For example, the indication light of the valve being shut or not was confusing, because of the lighting's differences. Resulting in a nuclear meltdown changing nuclear power in America forever, for it was the biggest nuclear disaster in America.
  • Evacuation

    The first evacuation recommendations where givin by Lieutenant Governor William Scranton to citizens within a 5 mile radius.
  • End of Evacuation

    End of Evacuation
    Within 3 weeks of evacuation 98% of those who left had returned home.
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    Cleanup finally ended in December 1993. Cleanup costs reached about $1 billion.
  • Anti-Nuclear Demostrations

    Anti-Nuclear Demostrations
    On September 19, 1979 there was the largest anti-nuclear demonstration ever was held in New York City and included over 200,000 people. The event included speaches from Jane Fonda (The China Syndrom actress) and Ralph Nader.
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    Nuclear Reactors Cancelled

    Within these four years 51 Nuclear Plants in the United States were canceled
  • Chernobyl

    The worst nuclear disaster ever accured causing a global slow down in nuclear growth. During a systems test on Saturday, 26 April 1986, there was an significent power increase in reactor number four. This gave of a large sum of radiation and the ignited graphite moderater further spread particles, leading to more readiation.
  • Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

    Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
    On March 11th a 9.0 earthquake hit Japan taking out vital coolant pumps. This nuclear accident was scaled to be as bad as the disaster at Chernobyl. And is still experiencing troubles today.