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Thomas Tallis School

By kcraig
  • School Built!

    School Built!
    The School was built in 1971, originally for 850 pupils.It is built on the site of a former RAF airfield. A blue plaque to recognise this has been put up on one of the corridors connecting the school's buildings.
  • Period: to

    The Schools History

    From 1971 To 2011
  • The school opens!

    The school opened in 1973. The school has expanded with a series of temporary schoolrooms being built around the two main buildings.
  • Period: to

    The School opens for Girls

    The school opens for girls- the school now has nearly 1700 pupils.
  • Specialist Arts Collage

    Specialist Arts Collage
    In 1998, the school was awarded Specialist Arts College status and has successfully been re-designated twice.
  • Leading Edge Status

    Leading Edge Status
    In 2005 the school was awarded Leading Edge status.The school has belonged to the Creative Partnerships network of schools since 2005.
  • School Of Creativity

    School Of Creativity
    In May 2008, the school became one of only thirty schools in the country to be awarded the status of School of Creativity.
  • Headteacher

    It was annonced head teacher Rob Thomas will be stepping down for new head teacher .
    Unfortunatley he will not work at the new school properly.
  • New School

    New School
    The old school will be demolished as we say goodbye...
    And move in to the new school.