thirsty by M.T. Anderson 249

  • 1-47

    thius section is about chris finding out that he is a vampire and now he must stop an evil vampire lord fromn being raised and taking over north america
  • Period: to


  • 48-84

    this section is about chris fighting with tom and so his best friend tom and jerk decide to play a cruel joke on him because he is being so weird lately he has been acting weird thiough because he is going through the transformation stage
  • 85-125

    this section is about tyhe guy who told chris hed be a vampire gave him a devise to stop the evil lord vampire from coming and so he gets the device and they drive to place were they are going to drop it to interfere witch happens really quick, quicker then chris thinks it will
  • 126-170

    chris is confronteed byn a mistic being about him being at the vampires layer with a device that is suppose to destroy the vampire king so he starts to get second thoughts about chet and i9f he really will make him not a vampire
  • 171-239

    chris is on his way to a party on the day the vampire lord is about to rise and he is trying to get in with the vamps. because he no longer trusrts chet so he plans to stop the vampire lord himself but it all goes to crap when they want him to make his first kill and he wont do it so they try to ki8ll him but he gets away just in time for when the vampire lord is about to come.
  • 240-249

    in this section chris sees that chet was being truthful ghe was going to destroy the vamp king but he was only using chris cause he was perfect person to help but in the end he screws over chris and chris ends with being thirsty for blood.