Into the wild (book) cover

Into the Wild

  • begins journey

    begins journey
    alex took of and left his family and home and begins his journey. burned his money
  • McCandless enters lake mead national Rec area

    chris arrived at the lake mead national rec area riding a giddy emersoniam high, ignoring posted warnng that off road driving is strictly forbidden.
  • begans hike around lake mead

    chris walked around th wet for the next two months he then hicked to lake Tahoe and spent a week there
  • Wayne Westerberg picks up McCandless

    Westerberg offered to take chirs to the destination he was trying to go to.
  • Park ranger discover car in lake mead national Rec.

    they found an abandoned car with a guitar, loose change, a football, 25 pounds of rice, old clothes they began looking around for anything else that was supsisious.
  • McCandless leaves carthage, SD

    chirs stayed in touch with westerberg when he went to carthage. he wrote and called every two months or more
  • Colorado river trip

    Chris caught a ride with a long- haul rucker into needles overjoyesd to reach California. when he arrived he noticed that canoe
  • Reaches Mexican border

    chris was worried he would be denied entry because he was carrying no identification he sneaked into mexico by paddling through the damns open floodgatres and shooting the spillway
  • Locates welteco canal

    Chris heads south welteco canal hsi worries and fears grew bigger as the canal grows smaller
  • McCandless becomes list in mexican and receives help from duck hunters

    chris lost hope the canal didnt ever reach the ocean
  • begins camping for 10 days on beach

    chris set up a camp on the edge of a desolate plateau he stayed until high winds forced him to seek refuge in a cave midway.
  • Gives up and begans return north

    chris had traveled north and was back in the united states and was back by january 18 caught by immigration authorities tryung to slip into the country without ID he spent a night in custody
  • return to united states from mexico

    chris was caught for not having ID
  • Los Angeles,Ca

    chris quit moving for two months
  • Returns to detrail wash and retrievers items

    he uncovered his belongings he had buried and saved for later
  • enters las vegas

    chirs camera was ruined he began to stop taking picture but continued to travel
  • left last vegas

    he didnyt go anywhere for a year, then deoarted fir a little while
  • entering bullhead city, arizona

    chris really liked bullhead ciry he said it was a good plac to spend the winter
  • arrives at the slabes

    chris saw a huge flea market when he first got to the slabs chrirs offered to help one of the vendors
  • Franz drops McCandless off outside off the grand junction

    was the farthest franz coukd drive without missing an appotment chris insisted to buy rranz lunch
  • Arrives in fairbanks, Alaska

    Jim gillen had arrived in Alaska when he saw chris walking down the side of the road thumb raised high.
  • Standpede trail

    it was the trail chris followed into the wilderness.
  • Chirs dies

    chris has died
  • Discovery

    they discovery chris body beside the bus in alaska.
  • Hunter dicovers the body

    The hunters when to check the bus out on the trail and smelled something terrible and looked around the bus to see a note saying help im injured and cant hike out of here from chirs they were all upset to see and smell the decay of the body.