Into the wild book cover

Into the wild by Kaycee Jenkins

  • Annandale, Virginia

    Annandale, Virginia
    Chis grew up here and went to high school at a local school living not far from his fathers work in Washington, D.C.
  • Emory University, Atlanta

    Emory University, Atlanta
    Our journey begins in Atlanta at the Emory University when Chis is now graduating college and just beginning his journey
  • Period: to

    Traveling West

    During this time Chris traveled from Atlanta to the west seeking new sights and new places to visit. It doesn't really say where he went just that he headed west
  • Hike around Lake Mead

    Hike around Lake Mead
    After arriving at lake mead and after a few days on camping in a nearby spot after having gotten his Datsun stuck, McCandless decided to take a hike around Lake Mead. The hike turned out to be a tremendous mistake due to the extreme July temperatures.
  • Period: to

    Tramping around the west

    During this time McCandless was tramping all around the west spellbound by the scale and power of the landscape, Thrilled with minor brushes with the law, meeting vegabonds along the way
  • Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe
    In this time McCandless hiked to Lake Tahoe, and allowed his life to be shaped by it. The book doesn't give a certain day that he hiked only that it was in the 2 weeks he was tramping around the west
  • Sierra Nevada

    Sierra Nevada
    In the 2 weeks of Tramping he hiked into the Sierra Nevada, a certain date was not give other than it being in that amount of time
  • Meeting Wayne Westerburg

    Meeting Wayne Westerburg
    While chris was in South Dakota he met Wayne Westerburg where he worked on a grain mill and helped westerburg for a while. No time was given for certain only that he as there for a while in september and loved helping him.
  • Lake Mead National Park, Nevada

    Lake Mead National Park, Nevada
    A park ranger was sent to do a count of wildflowers in the area when they spotted something that turned out to be Chis/ Alex's Datsun stripped of license plates, with money, guitar, a football, garbage bag full of old clothes, etc.
  • Meeting Burres

    As Chis now known as Alex was tramping west a man by the name of Jim Burres stopped and picked him up in Northern California. Alex at first was reluctant to talk to him but as time progressed he started talking more and more.
  • Willowcreek, California

    Chris gets a ticket for tramping around california
  • Yuma

    Chris stopps to replenish his provisions and send a card to Westerburg
  • Traveling to Mexico

    Traveling to Mexico
    On his journey to mexico in a canoe he stopped in the sea of cortez it doesnt say exactly how long just that he does
  • Period: to

    Break from paddling

    Tired of paddling Chris takes a break and sets up camp for a few days
  • Period: to

    Pacific Coast

    The dates are unknown but we know that he travels to Houston to the Pacific Coast
  • Abondoning the canoe

    He left his canoe on a dune southeast of El Gulfo de Santa Clara
  • Getting caught

    As Chis is trying to cross the boarder again to enter the untied states he gets caught and has no I.D. on him or anything to prove that he is an american citizen or what he is doing
  • Getting an I.D

    Chris travels to LA to get an I.D. but immediately feels uncomfortable in society and he returns to tje roads
  • Getting his belongings

    Chris goes and digs up the things that he had burried when he left his datsun
  • Las Vegas

    Chris burries his backpack and other belongings and hitchikes into Las Vegas
  • Leaves Las Vegas

    Chris decides to leave Las Vegas and hit the road again the date he leaves is unknown but it is believed that he got itchy feet again
  • Bullhead City, Arizona

    Chirs stays here for a while getting a job at McDonald's making hamburgers. The date is unclear when he first arrived
  • Niland, California

    Sends a letter to Jan Burres including a map so she and her boyfriend can come visit him in Bullhead City
  • Chis walks "into the bush"

    Chis travels to alaska to try and become one with the nature or to understand it
  • Attempting to leave

    As Chris tries to leave the "bush" he relizes thst the river he crossed to enter the "bush" has now flooded over and is impassible due to strong currents
  • Death of Chris

    About 2 weeks before a group of men would arrive at the fairbanks bus number 142 chris dies from lack of nutrients which has possibly been diagnosed to have been the cause of poison from a plant he ate
  • Oh-My-God hot springs/ Slab City

    Oh-My-God hot springs/ Slab City
    Chris/Alex stays here for a while making this his base camp and even though he isnt very far from crack users and nudists. On this day though as he walks back to camp he meets Ronald Franz who takes him back to his base camp.