• McCandless goes to hike lake Mead in nevada

  • Chris leaves his car

    Chris decided to leave his car after it was damaged by a flash flood. He packed his stuff up into a bag and sets off.
  • Chris's parents visit

    (Early August) Chris's parents hadn't heard from him in a while, so they decided to visit him. They found that he had left and his apartment had been vacant since June. When they went home they found letters that they had sent to Chris that summer.
  • Chris Hitchhikes

    Chris got a ticket for hitchhiking in Willow Creek, California.
  • Wayne Picks Up Chris

    On September 10th Wayne Westerberg picks up Chris. Westerburg gave Chris a job in the grain elevators and gave him a place to stay. Westerburg describes Chris as lean and short with a gift of good looks.
  • Chris Leaves the Grain Elevator

    Since there is no work at the grain elevator Chris decides to leave and continue his nomadic lifestyle.
  • Chris Goes to California

    Chris gets a ride to Needles, California. He continues to walk 12 miles until he reaches Topock, Arizona. In Arizona, he purchased a secondhand aluminum canoe.
  • Chris Paddles Through Yuma

    In late November Chris paddled through Yuma. He then stopped to replenish his gear and send a post card to Westberg
  • Chris Reaches Morelos damn and the Mexican Border

  • Chris Makes Camp

    From December 14-24, Chris set up camp on a beach on the edge of a baron plateau.
  • Chris Encounters a Violent Storm

    Chris decides to get back on the canoe, although he confronts a violent storm that caused him to nearly drowned. He then decided to leave the canoe and head back north.
  • Chris Starts Walking

    Chris left his canoe on a hummock of dune grass near El Golfo de Santa Clara. He then starts walking north up a deserted beach
  • Chris Gets Caught by Border Control

    Chris reached the United States border, he gets caught by border control trying to sneak into the country without any ID. Chris proceeded to spend the night in jail.
  • Chris Continues His Journey Back to the North

    January -February, Chris passes through Houston and continues towards the Pacific coast.
  • Chris Goes to LA

    Chris goes to Los Angeles where he gets his ID as well as a job. He feels uncomfortable in society and decides to return to being a nomad.
  • Chris Goes to the Grand Canyon

    Chris camps with a young German couple at the bottom of the Grand Canyon who had given Chris a ride. Chris shares in his journal that he has lost 25 pounds.
  • Chris Digs Up HIs Old Belongings

    Chris digs up a couple of his old belonging that he had buried in the sand back in Datsun.
  • Chris Goes to Vegas

    Chris barries his backpack and continue to hitchhike to Las Vegas.
  • Chris Leaves Vegas

    After a couple of months in Las Vegas, Chris decides to leave in May
  • Chris Complains About The Fog And Rain

    Chris is living on the Oregon Coast during July and August. Chris decides to send a postcard to Jan Burres complaining about the constant fog and rain.
  • Chris Goes Back To California

    Chris goes down the U.S Highway 101 into California. He then goes back east into the desert.
  • Chris Goes to Arizona

    In October, Chris goes to Bullhead City, Arizona. In Bullhead Chris works for 2 months at McDonald's and decides to live in an abandoned RV.
  • Chris Sends a Postcard to Burres

    Chris sends a postcard to Burres in Niland, California. Inside the postcard, Chris includes a map so Burres and her boyfriend can visit him in Bullhead City.
  • Chris Shows Up to Burres's

    Chris suddenly showed up at Burres's campsite at The Slabs campground in Niland
  • Chris Meets Franz

    Chris meets Ronald Franz while hitchhiking near California's Salton Sea.
  • Franz Drops off Chris

    Franz drops Chris off at the San Deigo waterfront. Chris continues to send Burres another postcard telling her he has been living in San Deigo for a week.
  • Chris Sends More Postcards

    Chris sends more postcards to Burres and Franz from Seattle.
  • Chris is in Coachella

    Chris calls Franz from Coachella, California asking for a ride
  • Chris Spends the NIght With Franz

  • Franz Drives Chris to Colorado

    After Chris spends one night with Franz, Franz drives Chris to Grand Junction, Colorado.
  • Chris Works At The Grain Elevator Once Again

    In March, Chris decides to work at Wayne Westerberg's grain elevator once again in Carthage, South Dakota.
  • Chris Leaves Carthage

    Chris leaves Carthage, he headed back towards Alaska.
  • Chris Stops In Canada

    Chris decides to stop at Liard Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada. Chris gets stuck for two days before he hitches a ride.
  • Chris Hitchhikes North

    Christ hitchhikes north. Chris then takes a photo of the official start of Alaska Highway
  • Jim Gallien Picks Up Chris

    Chris gets picked up by Jim Gallien while he was walking down Alaska HIghway
  • Chris Finds A Bus

    Chris finds an old bus near Sushana River and decides to camp there for a little bit.
  • Chris Leaves an SOS

    Chris posts an SOS note on the bus door, meanwhile he searches for berries.