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Into the Wild

  • Detrital, Arizona

    Detrital, Arizona
    Chris's Datson was found abandoned, full of Chris's belongings including clothing and a guitar. He must have realized what was truly a necessity in his life. The Datsun was latter remove by park rangers who used it as their own.
  • U.S. Highway 101

    U.S. Highway 101
    South of the Oregon line is where Bob and Jan Burris said they picked up Chris. They said Chris seemed very content traveling with minimum supplies and that he would rely on a book of edible plants to survive. He stayed with them for a week at Orick Beach and continued to write lettered as his journey continued.
  • Northern California

    Northern California
    A man who refers to himself as crazy Ernie picked up Chris who introduced himself as Alex Supertramp. At this point Chris was really trying to creat a new life for himself. Crazy Ernie stated that Chris worked for him at a farm for about eleven days then left without notice taking an old bike with him.
  • Saco Hot Springs

    Saco Hot Springs
    Wayne Westerberg saw and picked up Chris while leaving Cut Bank. Westerberg had Chris stay with him in his trailer for three days. Then came back to get a job at a grain elevator. Chris stayed with Westerberg until he got arrested then took off. Wayne was the first person to discover that Alex was actually named Chris.
  • Texas Mexico Border

    Texas Mexico Border
    Immigration police stayed they had a man named Alex who tried to sneak into Texas and was held overnight. Chris explained how he canoed across the boarder and needed to get back. Understanding Chris's situation they let him go.
  • BullHead City

    BullHead City
    While staying in BullHead city Chris was employed at a McDonald's and squatted in vacant mobile homes. He introduced himself as Chris instead of Alex and gave the employers his social security number. While working at McDonald's Chris learned that to make money he had to conform a little, but once his shift was over so was the conformity.
  • The Niland Slabs

    The Niland Slabs
    When leaving BullHead city Chris crossed paths with Jan and Bob who were coming to visit him. Once again they took in Chris bringing him to the slabs with them. Where he worked with Jan and made friends until his departure.
  • Salton City/ Palm Springs

    Salton City/ Palm Springs
    A man named Ronald Franz said he picked up Chris in Salton City and drove him to a camp past Oh-My-God Hot Springs. The next day Franz said he went to check on Chris and convince him not to go to Alaska but ended up driving him to Palm Springs where they spent about a month together. During this time Franz said he grew very close to Chris and was very upset when he decided to leave for San Diego in February.
  • Back to Palm Springs

    Back to Palm Springs
    Franz said he received letters from Chris that said he was living on the streets and will go to Alaska sooner then he thought. Around March twelfth Franz said he received a call from Chris asking to be picked up, he was once again in California. Franz drove Chris to Grand Junction, Colorado. During the drive Franz said they opened up to one another and that he ended up offering to be Chris's grandfather. Chris realized he was weary of family relationships and therefor hesitated.
  • Carthage

    Wayne Westerberg once again helped Chris by having him work in the grain elevator. Chris only stayed for a month, long enough to gather new supplies before heading for Alaska.
  • Fairbanks

    Gaylord Stuckey a truck driver sayed he gave Chris a ride to Fairbanks. When they arrived Stuckey brought Chris grocery shopping before dropping him off at the University of Alaska. Chris was very confident he would survive, realizing he didn't need a typical life.
  • Stampede trail

    Stampede trail
    Jim Gallien was the last to give Chris a ride to the Stampede Trail. Gallien sayed Chris was very excited for his adventure and didn't seem concerned about making it out alive.
  • Alaskan Bush

    Alaskan Bush
    Chris had survived a few weeks on the Alaskan Bush living in an abandoned bus. His journal entries explain what he ate and the adventures he underwent within the weeks. Realizing he was new person and was ready to live within society Chris attempted to exit the Alaskan Bush belt was unable to. However in September a couple of hunters found Chris's decomposed body inside the bus with a note asking for help. It was determined Chris died August 18, 1992.