Into The Wild : Map

  • Chris is born

    Chris is born in El Segundo, California.
  • Chris Moves to New House.

    Chris moved with his family to Annandale, Virginia, nearby to father's work in Washington, D.C.
  • Period: to

    Chris is in High School.

    JAN 1, 1983 – JAN 1, 1986
    Chris is in High School. Chris tried many sports, and was a very good athelete, but lacked the patience to fine-tune skills. Chris took up running, and was amazing. As coach of cross country team, he told the other runners to imagine they were running away from all of the evil and darkness in the world.
  • Chris's Discovery

    Chris drove to El Segundo, and talked to many of his old neighbors, Chris was able to piece together the facts of his father's previous mariage and the divorce that he had. Chris was otherwise unaware that his father had been in another relationship and was very angry that he had not told him.
  • Period: to


    Chris cut off ties with parents after uncovering an infidelity in his father's past; he had had a sixth child with his first wife, after Chris was born with Walt's second wife, and chris no longer trusted his father, and chris also did not forgive his father for not telling him what had happened.
  • Donation time

    Shortly after he graduated he donated $25,000 from his savings to OXFAM an organazation that was dedicated to fighting hunger.
  • The Journey Starts

    Chris took his old Datsun and drove directly West. chris had no choice but to abandon his Datsun in Arizona after a flash flood soaked the engine and it would no longer start for Chris, attaching a note to the car saying if someone could get the car out they could have it. Along with his car Chris also left most of his belongings behind.
  • Chris abandons his car and travels the rest of his journey on foot.

    Chris's car had been destroyed by a violent flash flood. So he took this mishap as an opportunity to rid himself of all unnecessary belongings. He buried his deer-hunting rifle, striped his car of its Virginia plates. Then burned all one hundred twenty-three dollars in his wallet.
  • Alexander Supertramp

    Chris started going by the name of "Alex Supertramp". Chris also began keeping a journal, documenting his travels and experiences.
  • The Burres

    In Northern California, Alex hitched a ride from Jan Burres who lived just like chris was except that she had a car, she was around the age of Alex's mother, and took an instant liking towards him. Alex grew very close to Jan in their short time together, and after he left, he sent her postcards as often as possible.
  • Wayne Westerberg.

    Alex hitches a ride from Wayne Westerberg, in South Dakota. Wayne offers Alex a job, working at his grain elevator in Carthage. Alex accepted this job because he did not have much money. Wayne ends up becoming Alex's closest friend. Alex stays with Wayne until Wayne gets in trouble with the law, at this point Alex decides to go to mexico.
  • Mexico

    Alex sneaks across the border in a kayak, He tried to paddle to the Gulf Coast, but the coast is blocked by swamps. Some Mexicans give him a ride to the Coast in the back of their truck, and he spends a long time there, exploring all of the places in the area. After a particularly rough patch of water, Alex abandons his kayak and tries to return to America.
  • Chris leaves the grain elevator in South Dakota and is on the road again.

    Wayne Westenberg had no work for Christopher because of his imprisonment, so Christopher left Carthage, South Dakota. Chris was a very determined worker, so he was well liked at the grain elevator.
  • Period: to

    Chri's canoe trip

    Christopher canoes on the Colorado River,and many other bodys of water. In January he abandons the canoe due to weather conditions. Christopher had not spoken to or seen another human in thirty-six days.
  • Coming back to America

    Alex is caught by immigration police at the border, and is held in jail overnight. He explains to the police what his situation is and they eventually let him into america, although they take away the gun that he had with him.
  • Period: to

    Las Vegas

    When he entered Las Vegas he had no money or ID. There he worked at an Italian restaurant.
  • Bullhead City

    Chris arrives in Bullhead City, Arizona, where he settles down in a trailer and starts his job at McDonald's flipping burgers. He stays there for a couple of months working under his real name Chris McCandless and opening a savings account, even giving out his real social security number.
  • Period: to

    The Oregon Coast

    Since Chris stopped keeping a journal when he left Las Vegas, so not much is known.
  • Alex Reconects with the Burres.

    Alex, along with Jan and her boyfriend Bob, head to the Slabs, an old navy air base that is a place for tramps vagabonds to hang out.The Slabs serve as a place to stay and a flee market for hundreds of people that arent part of society. Alex helped with Jan's stand, which mostly sold books. Alex talked constantly about making his "Great Alaskan Odyssey."
  • The "Slabs"

    Chris travels to Niland California and sells books for Jan and Bob
  • Chris meets Ronald Franz.

    Alex set up camp outside Salton City, California. When hitch-hiking into town for supplies, he was picked up by Ronald Franz, an eighty year old man. The pair instantly bonded, Alex delayed his trip to alaska for awhile. Franz, having no relatives of his own, treated Alex like a grandson and also taught him some of his skills.
  • Chris leaves Ronald.

    Alex leaves Franz and heads towards San Diego, trying to make some good money for supplies.
  • Back to South Dakota

    Alex, being a hobo who would hop trains and was able to get close to Franz's house again, calls franz and askes him to pick him up. Franz picks up Alex and drives him as far as Grand Junction, Colorado. Alex arrives three days later in Carthage, South Dakota, and resumes work for Wayne, who is now out of prison.
  • Going to Alaska

    Chris finally decides that he is ready to go to Alaska. After very difficult hitch hiking, Alex finally arrives in Fairbanks.
  • Jim

    While Alex is hitch hiking he meets Jim, they instantly become friends and Jim is entrigued by the young man who is venturing out into the wilderness. Jim wants alex to get better equipment, but Alex has his mind set on going as he is, however he accepts some small gifts such as rubber boots from jim. Alex arrives at his final destination, the Stampede Trail.
  • Alex's Accident

    Alex had been eating wild potatoes since he got to Alaska with no harsh effects, but when the root of the potatoe became bitter and inedible alex began collecting the seeds. What Alex did not know is that the seeds went bad and they ended up getting alex sick, and made Alex unable to get any nourishment from food he ate, leading to Alex starving.
  • The Magic Bus

    After crossing the Teklanika River, the water never going above his knees, Alex arrived at an abandoned bus sitting on the trail. His journal entry for that date says , "Magic Bus Day!"
  • Period: to

    Fortunate Times

    The Stampede Trail was not passable, so chris made the bus his shelter and home. For the next six weeks Chris had great hunting and was living very well.
  • The Moose

    Chris shot and killed a 600 pound moose, although most of the meat ended up spoiling this was a very big deal to chris. This shows how effective chris could be and what he was capable of doing.
  • Period: to


    Hunting is getting difficult, chris is alive only because of hunting everyday and getting more little animals and not many bigger animals. Chris also has to eat many wild plants and vegetables because there is less wild game.
  • Alex's Note

    Alex was very weak, and he left a note on the door saying that he needed help, and that if anyone came upon the bus that he needs there help.
  • Alex Dies

    on day 112 Alex dies, the last note that he left says: "I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!" Only nineteen days later, six people found themselves at the bus at the same time, to find Alex dead inside his sleeping bag.
  • Chris's body is found

    Discovered by several group's of people Chris's body weighed 77 pounds.