The Life Journey of Chris McCandles. R.A.F.T.

  • Born

    Christopher Johnson McCandles was born to Walt and Billie McCandles in El Segundo, California.
  • Period: to

    The Life of Chris McCandles

  • Chris Graduates from High School

    He would graduate from Wilbert Tucker Woodson High school located in Virginia.Through his schooling, Chris was very to himself, yet not the antisocial type. He always had a love for nature.
  • Graduated college

    Graduate from Emory University, Chris was very reluctant to go to college his senior year, yet still obeyed his parents wishes. He did not see a reason to have an education in the first place due to his passion in life, yet still went to help make his parents happy.
  • Shortly After

    Shortly after he graduated from college he decided to donate all of his money to OXFAM, an organization designated to help eradicate world hunger.
  • Arizona

    He managed to stay at one place for the longest ironically working at a McDonalds at bullhead. This seems ironic due to him wanting a minimalist lifestyle and to work more hands on with odd jobs, yet is working at one of the largest fast food chains in America.
  • The Journey Begins

    Chris embarks on his journey and abandons his car , previously destroyed by a flash flood, and worldly possessions.He buried his hunting rifle, Striped and rid of his car's Virginia license plates, and burned what $123 dollars he had left in his wallet. He was set on minimalism in life and enjoying the love of nature as he always has
  • Christopher finds the grain elevator in South Dakota

    Chris arrives atWayne Westburge's grain mill offering his services until his planed time of April 15. He does so to work for enough money to allow him to travel to Alaska.
  • The Colorado River

    Isolating himself for 36 days, Christopher canoes along many lagre bodies of water, but abandons his canoe in January due to unstable conditions. The isolation allows for him to be one with the river, to allow him to find his true inner self
  • Travels to Oregon Coast

    After Chris left Las Vegas, Nevada he really hadn't kept up with a journal; due to this not much about this chapter in his life is known about. HE may have done this more so to not worry about what he should be writing down, rather than living the life he set out to live.
  • Lives in Las Vegas

    Coming to Vegas he was literally nobody not having his ID on him and no money. To make money he was able to work at an Italian restaurant temporarily before leaving for Bullhead City. He wanted too start a new journey from scratch so he buried his bag with all money and earthly possessions he had retained through time and started new in Las Vegas.
  • Going to Bullhead

    Chris settles in Bullhead city fro a while after Vegas and takes a job at McDonald's which is one that he didn't particularly care for. Everybody insisted that he take a shower constantly and he felt like he didnt have to bow down to their comforting lifestyle.
  • The best not-father

    Chris moved into Ron's RV with him. He made a close bond with Ron as he asked Chris if he could adopt him as his family name would die out if not.While with him he learned from Ron leather works and even made a souvenir belt for his travels. He explains how Ron was more of a father to him than his own was and this indicates that he still is very bitter over his home life, or what it was when he was younger.
  • Back Again

    Chris once again goes to Carthage to go meet up and work form his old friend Wayne Westerberg. He really anted to be in Alaska soon, however Westerberg wanted him there until April.Chris had grown a close bond with Wayne as he met his family very shortly before he left once more from to mill. Due to this and n=him knowing that this was probably the last time they'll ever see each other again he got very emotional Once he left he left his journal with Wayne for safekeeping.
  • Arrival in Fairbanks, Alaska

    Hitchhiking, Chris got a ride with a man names Gaylord Stuckey and the ride took over 3 days long. Chris was looking for a ride for 2 days and this man told him he would take him half the distance to.
  • In Alaska

    Chris has stumbled upon an abandoned bus in the woods and decides to reside there simplistically and with nature. Befroe he was residing at the local library but this excited his thrill of the outdoors and being one with the nature around him.
  • Attempts and fails

    Chris is wanting to leave the woods, however this is proven impossible as the Taklamakan River has swelled to almost 5 times its original size, forcing Chris to return to his bus.Chris may have gotten a little tired of the outdoors and wanted to join civilization or maybe he was ready to go and explore a new location.
  • Death

    With only 113 days spent into the wild, Chris McCandless passed away due to acute starvation and a toxic fungus that was growing on a plant he had eaten. He was only 24 at his time of passing and was recovered 19 days later by hikers.
  • Close ties

    With the loss of a friend, Ron was made aware of Chris's passing through 2 hitchhikers he picked up off the road. he was very devastated. His family was very sorrowful as well, especially his sister Carine who he was especially close with,, closer than any of the rest of his family .His family went to visit the bus he stayed at and left a golden plaque there in remembrance.