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Chris McCandless Journey

  • Emory University

    Emory University
    After graduating from high school in 1986, Chris starts to attend a University in Atlanta called Emory. He received $40,000 for college as a gift. Chris in college was acceding with almost a 4.0 GPA and showed signs of maybe attending Harvard. After Chris graduates with a 3.72 GPA, he donates $25,000 to a hunger charity, and tells his family he is gonna disappear for awhile. Then started his North America Journey.
  • Dallas, Texas

    Dallas, Texas
    On the first part of his journey, Chris heads to Dallas, Texas where he takes an yellow Datsun. He is heading west hoping that he'll make it there with what he has.
  • Huston, Texas

    Huston, Texas
    Chris, in Huston is making his way to the west still sleeping in his datsun.
  • Detrital Wash, Arizona

    Detrital Wash, Arizona
    Once Chris arrived in Arizona, he camped out at Lake Mead. Not knowing the area, Chris didn't know that the rainstorms there can get quite powerful. After setting up camp, rain took it down. When Chris tried starting his car after the storm, the engine would not turn. He left a note on the car saying whoever can get it out can have the car. After Chris spent days sleeping in the Datsun, his valuables are left for the rangers to find the car and use it for undercover actions.
  • Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe
    After suffering from a heat stroke hiking the desert without the right water supplies, Chris hitches a boat ride from people at the edge of Lake mead, to Lake Tahoe. While traveling he soaks up all the landscape.
  • Pacific Crest Trail

    Pacific Crest Trail
    After reaching Lake Tahoe, Chris spends his time hiking into the Sierra Nevada, then along The Pacific Crest Trail which leads through California, Oregon and Washington. He traveled on the trail for a whole week, after he returns to the road to continue to hitchhike.
  • Orick, California

    Orick, California
    In Orick, Chris finds two people in a bus by the name of Jan and Bob Burres. Chris hitchhikes a ride off of them and they become very close. Jan shows great appeal for Chris because she too has a son out in the world that reminds her of Chris. After staying with them for a week, Chris leaves and steady sends postcards for the next years.
  • Astoria, Oregon

    A small stop that "Alex" took on his journey to Washington
  • Seattle, Washington

    After ending up in the major city of Seattle, Chris wanders into the Pacific Coast.
  • Cut Bank, Montana

    Cut Bank, Montana
    Cut Bank is where Chris met Wayne Westerberg. Wayne is a farmer from South Dakota. Wayne becomes Chris's best friend for the rest of his life.
  • Carthage, South Dakota

    Carthage, South Dakota
    Once Chris arrives in South Dakota, Wayne offers Chris a job working at the grain elevator. Chris is in need of money so he takes the job. Wayne says Chris is one of the hardest workers he had seen. After racking up money, Chris leaves and says he'll keep in touch with Wayne.
  • Needles, California

    Needles, California
    In Needles, California Chris finds a trucker on a long trip that was willing to drop off Chris at the Colorado River. Chris then heads South.
  • Topock, Arizona

    Topock, Arizona
    Heading south Alex ends up in Topock, there he bought a second-hand canoe. He paddles it south, his goal being to follow the Colorado River into Mexico, to the Gulf of California, and ultimately to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Morelos Dam

    Morelos Dam
    Morelos Dam on the border of Mexico, Chris doesn't have the proper papers to get across the border. Being said, Chris using the Morelos Dam and paddles his way through mexico.
  • El Golfo, Mexico

    El Golfo, Mexico
    After being dropped off by Mexican duck hunters at El Golfo de Santa Clara. Chris was caught in a heavy storm with canoe, risking his life. When he leaves the boat there, and continues walking north, Chris is then caught by immigration officials and incarcerated.
  • Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California
    Chris spends the next six weeks moving around the Southwest, and at one point goes to LA to get a job and an ID, but finds he can’t handle society, and leaves again immediately. Still alone traveling the country.
  • Detrital Wash, Arizona

    Detrital Wash, Arizona
    Once returning to Arizona Chris goes to his yellow datsun after seven and a half months or so. Reason being was to dig up belongings that were left behind prior.
  • Las vegas, Nevada

    Las vegas, Nevada
    After getting his belongings back from the datsun, while hiking Chris buried his backpack and anything else he had. Then he proceeded to Las Vegas with no money or ID. Not too long after he gets a job in an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, living on the streets, but he only lasts for a few months before he goes back on the road.
  • Bullhead City, Arizona

    Bullhead City, Arizona
    In Bullhead City a couple months later, he works at McDonald’s, and even goes so far as to open a savings account. He also has an ID. After staying there for two months (his longest stay), after his manager tells him to get a somewhat better hygiene he soon quits and continue his Journey.
  • Niland, California

    Niland, California
    In slab city, Chris is staying with Jan and Bob Burres once again. They were all staying a basically a large flea market where people could run on the society for many reasons.
  • Salton City, California

    Salton City, California
    Chris spends a few weeks in the desert, until he find a guy by the name Ronald Franz. Chris and Ronald become very close friends and accomplish projects and things Ronald is incapable of since his age. Chris learns how to make his own belt. The two drive up to San Diego together to drop Chris off. Not long after, Chris calls Ronald from the nearby town of Coachella, California asking for a ride back to Salton City.
  • Grand Junction, Colorado

    Grand Junction, Colorado
    Ronald asks Chris if he would like a ride to Grand Junction and Chris accepts his offer. Ronald gets Chris some gear and they split their separate ways. Chris claims they will see each other again, but that was the last day.
  • Carthage, South Dakota

    Carthage, South Dakota
    Chris's FINAL major stop before he heads north to live out his long awaited Alaskan wilderness fantasy. He goes back to Carthage to visit his good friend Wayne Westerberg, who he met a year and a half earlier. Eventually, on April 15 he set off for his final northern destination of Alaska and bid all of his former friends goodbye.
  • Dawson Creek, Canada

    Dawson Creek, Canada
    Chris stops here to take a snapshot of mile marker "0" of the Alaska Highway. It is just a quick stop for Chris.
  • Fairbanks, Alaska

    Fairbanks, Alaska
    Chris pauses in his journey to visit the Liard River Hot Springs at the middle of the Yukon Territory. He buys a .22 rifle, a rather small caliber gun for the Alaskan wilderness. Gaylord Stuckey bought Chris some rice and took him to the University of Alaska so he could study plants, then they went their separate ways. Chris sends his last ever postcard to Wayne.
  • Stampede Trail, Alaska

    Stampede Trail, Alaska
    After 3 days of searching, Chris with the help of Jim Gallien he finds the stampede trail. Jim picks up Chris and drives the rest to Fairbanks. He tries to tell Chris that entering the Alaskan Bush with little food and supplies he has is a stupid and dangerous idea, but Chris, stubborn as he is, doesn't listen. Chris is finally happy! When Chris can't go across the raging river He goes back into the wild, which sadly proves fatal. It's said that Christopher McCandless died on August 18, 1992.