Into the wild

Chris's Journey

  • Chris Born

    Born in El segundo, California
  • New Home

    Chris and his family move to Annandale, Virgina. Closer to his fathers job for Nasa.
  • More siblings.

    Chris drove down to El segundo, California and after talking to some of his old neighbords, chris founds out about his fathers first marriage and his six kids.
  • Chris Graduates from Emory University

    Chris is young, well educated, and about to start his life. He also is very smart so he knows what he is doing it.
  • Adventure Begins

    He gave his check from college to charity, an amount of $24.000. Chris took his beloved car and drove directly west.
  • Goodbye Datsun

    Goodbye Datsun
    Chris had no choice but to abandon his Datsun in Arizona after a flash flood soaked the engine and it would no longer start for Chris, attaching a note to the car saying if someone could get the car out they could have it. He left most of his belongings behind.
  • Dakota

    Alex hitches a ride from Wayne Westerberg, in South Dakota. Wayne offers Alex a job, working at his grain elevator in Carthage. Alex accepted this job because he did not have much money. Wayne ends up becoming Alex's closest friend. Alex stays with Wayne until Wayne gets in trouble.
  • Mexico

    Alex sneaks across the border with mexico in a kayak, He tried to paddle to the Gulf Coast, but the coast is blocked by swamps. Some Mexicans give him a ride to the Coast in the back of their truck, and he spends a long time there, exploring all of the places in the area.
  • Back in the US.

    Alex is caught by immigration police at the border, and is held in jail overnight. He explains to the police what his situation is and they eventually let him into america, although they take away the gun he carried.
  • Little Settle

    Chris arrives in Bullhead City, Arizona, where he settles down in a trailer and starts his job at McDonald's flipping burgers. He stays there for a couple of months working under his real name Chris McCandless and opening a savings account, even giving out his real social security number.
  • New Father.

    Alex set up camp outside Salton City, California. When hitch-hiking into town for supplies, he was picked up by Ronald Franz, an eighty year old man. The pair instantly bonded, Alex delayed his trip to alaska for awhile. Franz, having no relatives of his own, treated Alex like a grandson and also taught him some of his skills.
  • What he was going to eat.

    In the University of fairbanks Chris read some books about edible plants and buys an used rifle. He also sent postcards to people that still meaned for him. Then he is ready to walk into the Wild.
  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild
    While Alex is hitch hiking he meets Jim, they instantly become friends and Jim is entrigued by the young man who is venturing out into the wilderness. Jim wants alex to get better equipment, but Alex has his mind set on going as he is, however he accepts some small gifts such as rubber boots from jim. Alex arrives at his final destination, the Stampede Trail. Where the adventure begins... When he tries to go back to civilization is already spring and the river is not frozen anymore.
  • Magic Bus...

    After crossing the Teklanika River, the water never going above his knees, Alex arrived at an abandoned bus sitting on the trail, left there from an old mining company. The bus turns to be his house for the next 112 days during his journey in the wild.
  • Chris is Gone

    Chris is Gone
    After 3 months on the while alex is surviving out of a wild potatoe diet. On day 112 Alex dies of starvation, the last note that he left says: "I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!" Nineteen days later, six people found themselves at the bus at the same time, to find Alex dead inside his sleeping bag.