History of Paladin Jameson

  • Paladin is Born

    Christopher Jameson is born to parents Sarah and Henry in Oxford, England
  • Period: to

    Life spent in England

    Chris spent six years in the care of his biological parents. He has not seen or heard from them since he left.
  • Leaving Home

    Christopher is sent to the Monastery of Sha'lek by his parents. The reason why has yet to be explained.
  • Period: to

    Time spent at the Monsatery

    Christopher spent the next thirteen years in the care of the Monastery of Sha'lek, becoming the man he is today.
  • Chris meets Sha'lek

    Chris becomes very lonely and depressed while alone in the Monsatery. The Goddess Sha'lek contacts him, perhaps out of pity or genuine compassion. The two forge a bond as strong as family, Chris even refering to her as his mother over Sarah Jameson.
  • Splitting of the Soul

    Chris is kidnapped by a Legacy Chain mage, who attempts a ritual to seperate Chris from Sha'lek. Monastery master Ganthet intervenes and kills the mage. The botched ritual splits Chris' soul in two. The second soul lacks any and all emotion, and operates purely on logic. Chris refers to it as 'The Other'
  • First appearance by the Rikti

    Rikti invade Earth. The Monastery is attacked due to its magical influences, but the assault is small and easily fought off. Chris, like the other younger members of the Monastery, were kept safe in a hiding spot.
  • Second appearance by the Rikti

    The Rikti return with a much stronger force. Chris aids in fighting off the Rikti. There were many casualties, and large sections of the Monsatery were turned to rubble.
  • Seeing the World

    Chris is given the title Lightbringer, designating him a graduated student of the Monastery. He leaves to explore the USA, going by the title of 'Lightbringer Jameson'. The Monastery explains to him a custom of never giving away his first name unless those he tells can be absolutely trusted.
  • Period: to

    Time spent Exploring the United States

    Chris explored the USA, being a superhero in every town he stops by. Lacking a civilian identity, he utilises his superhero identity for nearly all things.
  • Period: to

    Officer in Hammerfall Division

    Chris is temporarily recruited by the Chicago PD's Hammerfall division. He becomes friends with Byron Jones, a controller of plants, and Maria Suarez, a skilled markswoman. Maria and Chris develop feelings for each other, but a relationship never takes off.
  • Howl at the Moon

    a mysterious Werewolf attack consumes downtown Chicago in a battle between Hammerfal and the supernatural. Chris is caught off guard and almost killed by a lycan, but is saved by a sniper. Maria claims that she was on the otherside of town
  • Soaring High

    Chris stops off in Paragon City, where he learns how to fly.
  • Promotion

    Chris returns to the Monsatery to study, passing a test that promotes him to Paladin.
  • Period: to

    Hero of Paragon

    Paladin Jameson becomes an official hero of Paragon City
  • Part of the fold

    Joined The Pariah Project after helping Alexander Amazing and XM Radio's team during the Praetorian Invasion
  • Family Matters

    saved Polar Shift from execution. Encountered uncle Richard Jameson, who turned out to be a Longbow Officer, as well as the one spear heading the excecution. The family reunion was fairly bitter.
  • This little spider...

    Assisted in a strike force to stop Lord Recluse and the Web Device. The Task Force ended in a stalemate, with the device's development hindred greatly.
  • ...Climbed up the water spout

    Recluse turns up at Pocket D while Chris is enjoying a drink. It was a very tense few minutes
  • Omega Level

    Paladin Jameson attains Security Level 50, a fact he is still intimidated and confused by. Shortly after this, he was requisitioned for a task given by both the Monastery and the Freedom Phalanx. What he's been asked to do is currently confidential.
  • Matters of the Heart

    Paladin Jameson enters a relationship with Cross Strike
  • It's all a Nemesis Plot

    Paladin Jameson enters a task force to fight the Fifth Column, during which, other villains entered the fray, Nemesis (well, a duplicate, but close enough) being among them. During the battle, Gyrfalcon mannages to beat Paladin to the floor and holds a pistol to his head. However, Paladin was saved by Nemesis, who knocked Gyrfalcon onto his back with a swing from the Nemesis staff. Whether it was accident or design, the event shook Paladin to his core.
  • There's red on you

    The Other takes over and takes the lives of several escaping prisoners from the BAF. Traumatised, Paladin sought comfort with Cross Strike. The event resulted in the two confessing their love for each other.
  • Demonised

    Another of many blows to Paladin's confidence causes a collossal downfall in his performance. Restriciting his power in an great effort to prevent the Other from emerging again, he finds it harder and harder to keep up with the tasks he was 'meant for' at omega level. This eventually leads to not using his powers at all, fighting thugs and common thieves in Steel Canyon or Atlas Park, and even struggling to keep up with that. Eventually, he is convinced by others to continue his usual duties
  • Duplicity

    Paladin finally snaps and his second soul takes over! Going on a vicious rampage, the rest of the Pariah Project spring into action, and rescue him before his capture by Arachnos. After venturing inside his mind and purging the second soul, Paladin returned to normal.
  • The Depressing Tale of Jameson

    A lot has happened since the last event. Paladin's self esteem goes downhill, believing himself to be week (though, this isn't helped by the advice given by so many people) While making mistakes often, he works hard to fix this and becomes a new person, becoming stronger than he ever was, and starting his work towards providing a future for him and Mina.