Movie Timeline "the pursuit of happiness"

  • chris invests in scanners

    chris invests in scanners
    chris gardner invests in advanced x-ray scanners with his wife to sell them to hospitals for double the common price and to survive with his wife and son
  • chris discovers the program

    chris discovers the program
    chris going to sell a scanner sees a man with a luxurious car and asks him how he did it to get it and the man explains about the intern program and chris is interested
  • Chris goes to the first interview

    Chris goes to the first interview
    Chris goes to the first interview to receive a sheet to be accepted and he was carrying a scanner and he leaves a woman to take care of him and when he is in the interview he sees her through the window that is escaping and he leaves the interview and he's going to chase her but he can't get it
  • linda runs away with christopher

    linda runs away with christopher
    Because of the money problems Linda, Chris's wife leaves him and leaves with his son Christopher
  • chris makes a deal with the lord of the house

    Chris then goes to look for Christopher and takes him to the house and the owner of the house arrives to ask him for the rent and that they are going to be evicted because they are going to paint the house so Chris tells him that he paints the house and the Lord will give more days
  • they accept chris

    they accept chris
    chris goes to the second interview but since he was in jail and he was late then he went with the clothes he had when he was painting. in the interview chris managed and it went well and the bosses accepted him for the job but chris to see that he did not they were going to pay him for that time so I thought about it more
  • Chris is late for a date

    After some ineffective calls, he was able to contact one of the men on the list. The man told him to arrive in 20 minutes, but due to services, he was late, so the next day he went to the house of the man and accompanied him to a football game. to talk to him although the man said he was not interested he got some contacts
  • Chris pays taxes

    After 4 months, Chris had sold all the devices and believed that they would succeed until one day a letter came to him saying that they took out 600 dollars from the bank account to pay the fines debts and only had 21 dollars left.
  • chris retrieves a scanner

    chris retrieves a scanner
    chris goes to the park with christopher and sees a man with a scanner that chris had lost and goes and takes it off and then goes to a hospital to sell it but he was aberrated so he can't sell it
  • Chris and Christopher sleep in a bathroom

    Chris and Christopher sleep in a bathroom
    after returning from the hospital, chris sees that he was evicted from the motel for not paying, so he goes with chris to a friend's house but he does not open the door so they go to a subway and sleep in the subway bathroom
  • chris is repairing the scanner

    since he can't buy a room chris goes to a center where they give rooms and luckily he gets 1 so they stay there and at night chris tries to fix the machine and for a while he was doing that to be able to work and just to be able to line up to have a room
  • little part called happiness

    little part called happiness
    in the end chris after so many things got the job
  • Period: to

    chris delivers acceptance sheet

    Chris is going to deliver the acceptance sheet and leaving the company he sees the woman and other men with the scanner and chases them and now if he takes the scanner away from them
  • Period: to

    imprisoned chris

    While Chris is painting, the police come to take him away for not paying the fines and they tell him that if he does not pay, they will put him up for the night, so Chris asks Linda to go to the school tomorrow for the boy.
  • Period: to

    Linda is leaving

    linda's sister's boyfriend gets a job in a restaurant in new york and linda leaves with them
  • Period: to

    chris gets the item to repair the scanner

    the day of the examination, chris could not get a room so they slept in a subway and chris to get some money to repair the scanner donate blood
  • Period: to

    a little quiet

    in the end he was able to repair the scanner and sold it and they went to sleep in a hotel and then they went to the beach
  • Chris founds a company

    after beginning his career at dean witter,chris gaardner went on to found the investment firm gardner rich in 1987
  • chris makes multi millionaire deal

    in 2006,chris gardner sold a minority stake in his brokerage in aa multi millon dollar deal