Chris McCandless Journey Map

  • Period: to

    Time spent in Annadale

    Annadale, Virginia is where Chris lived the majority of his life. He lived with his mother and father, Walt and Billie and his little sister Carine. Chris and his sister would often have to deal with his parents arguing and fighting so he would spend a lot of time with his grandfather Loren, who shaped Chris into the man he bacame.
  • Period: to

    Emory University

    Chris would attend Emory University after high school and would graduate from Emory with a 4.0 GPA.
  • The beginning of Chris's Journey

    Chris decided that he was gonna go on a journey across country to Alaska after college and not tell anyone where he was going.
  • Needles, CA

    Chris will meet a trucker who he will hitch hike with until the Colorado River.
  • Texas

    Chris would take short stops through Dallas, Texas and Huston, Texas to sleep in his car and fill up on gas.
  • Lake Tahoe

    Chris would hitch hike here from Detrital Wash but he wouldn't end up staying long.
  • Detrital Wash, AZ

    Chris stopped at lake mead in Detrital Wash to camp. While he was camping at Lake Mead it began to rain hard so he packed up camp and began to leave but his car wouldn't start so he left it behind and began to hitch hike.
  • Sierra Nevada

    Chris would hike to Sierra Nevada from Lake Tahoe
  • Pacific Crest Trail

    Chris would hike just north of the trail before heading to Orick California
  • Orick, CA

    Chris would meet two drifters named Jan Burres and Bob. Chris would stay in touch with the drifter after he left Orick.
  • Astoria, OR

    A small stop Chris made in his journey.
  • Seattle, WA

    One of many major cities Chris visited on his journey.
  • Cut Bank, MT

    Chris would meet Wayne Westerberg who will offer him a job and become a good friend.
  • Carthage, SD

    Chris begins to work for Wayne at a local grain elevator.
  • Topock, AZ

    Chris will but a canoe and then paddle from the Colorado River all the way to Gulf of California
  • Morelos Dam

    Chris will sneak through the Dam to get into mexico because he was denied entry into Mexico because of lack of identification
  • Las Vegas, NV

    Chris stayed in Las Vegas for only a few weeks. While in Las Vegas he got a job at an Italian restaurant.
  • Detrital Wash

    Chris returns to lake mead to retrieve his belongings that he had left behind in his car.
  • Los Angeles, CA

    Chris ended up getting an id and a job in L.A. because he felt uncomfortable with being a nomad.
  • Bullhead City, AZ

    After for being on the road for five months Chris got to Bullhead city. He got a job at a McDonald's. Chris stays in Bullhead for two months and then quits his job and hits the road.
  • Salton City, CA

    Chris then got to Salton City after living in the desert for a while. Chris meats a man named Ronald Franz. Ronald will take Chris to his camp and get to know him. The two get to become good friends and Ronald even teaches Chris how to leather work
  • Grand Junction, CO

    Ronald would eventually drop Chris of at Grand Junction so Chris can continue his journey.
  • Carthage, SD

    Chris returns to Carthage to work for Wayne again and to see all of his old friends. This is Chris's last destination before he stars to head north for Alaska.
  • Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

    Chris will stop here to relax in the hot springs for a while during his hike to Alaska
  • Fairbanks, AK

    Chris will arrive in Fairbanks after hitch hiking thousands of miles with a trucker named Gaylord Stuckey. Chris meet Gaylord at Liard Hot Springs and the two bonded over their time traveling together. Gaylord would eventually drop Chris off at the University of Alaska so he could study plants.
  • Stampede Trail, Healy, AK

    Chris finally arrives at Stampede Trail after a man name Jim Galien who tried to convince Chris to not go but Chris didn't listen and eventually dies of starvation in August of 1992.