Chris christie

E4-4 Chris Christie (CC)

  • A young start

    Christie's father was a Republican and his mother was a Democrat, so Christie had to choose his side. "He has credited, however, his Democratic-leaning mother for indirectly making him a Republican by encouraging him in 1977 to volunteer for the gubernatorial candidate who became his role model: Tom Kean. Christie had become interested in Kean after Kean, then a state legislator, spoke to Christie's class while Christie was in junior high school," ("Chris Christie").
  • A young start part two

    By Christie volunteering with Tom Kean, he learned more about the Republican Party and the values of a Republican. At a young age, Christie discovered which party he wanted to be, and he is a Republican today.
  • His first position

    During high school, Christie got an early start on his career and served as class president ("Chris Christie"). By him having this position, Christie discovered that he had a passion for politics and learned how to be a good leader.
  • Graduation from College

    Christie graduated from the University of Deleware with his Bachelor's Degree in political science ("Chris Christie"). When Christie graduated with his Bachelor's in political science, it allowed him to begin his journey as a powerful politician.
  • Graduation from Law School

    Christie graduated from the Seton Hall University of Law with a J.D. ("Chris Christie"). After Christie received his J.D., he went on to become a lawyer and he was very powerful and successful, but he first needed his J.D. to gain all of that power and success.
  • Admission to the Bar

    Chris Christie was admitted to the New Jersey State Bar Association and the Bar of the United States District Court, District of New Jersey in December of 1987 ("Chris Christie"). This event allowed Christie to begin his successful law career. This was the start of when people started to realize he would be very powerful and could make an impact on our world.
  • Morris County Freeholder

    Christie was elected as a Republican into the Board of National Freeholders for Morris County, New Jersey. Here he led a successful effort to bar officals accepting gifts while doing business, voted to raise open space tax for land preservation and dismissed an architect who was trying to pull a scam ("Chris Christie"). During this time, Christie once again proved his power in law by accomplishing everything he set out to do and gave people a reason to trust him.
  • Period: to

    Chief Federal Law Enforcement

    Christie served as the Chief Federal Law Enforcement Officer. As this, he recieved praise for his record of convications in public corruption cases. Christie's office consisted of 137 attorneys, and there were offices in Newark, Trenton and Camden. He also served on the 17-member Advisory Committe of U.S. Attorneys ("Chris Christie"). This event made people see how powerful Christie was and that he was a good politician and lawyer and people began to take him seriously.
  • A new chapter

    In the beginning of 2009, Christie and his team began campaigning for New Jersey Governor ("Chris Christie"). This campaign showed power because he went around New Jersey trying to collect votes, and people listened to him and liked him. It showed that while he served as distric attorney, people saw how powerful he could be.
  • The 55th Governor

    Chris Christie became the 55th governor of New Jersey on January 19th, 2010. He beat his opponent Jon Corzine by a margin of 48.5% to 44.9% ("Chris Christie"). When Christie won the election, it gave him a lot of power. It showed that he had used his previous power to good use and people believed in wha he could do. People thought Christie could use his political power to impact New Jersey in a good way.
  • Period: to

    First term part two

    Cared about New Jersey and the citizens. He fought hard and achieved many of the things he wanted to get done. With all of the success he had, people saw that and re-elected him to a second term.
  • Period: to

    First term

    During Christie's first term as New Jersey governor, he accomplished a lot. He fixed the New Jersey state constitution, education and Middle East issues, and made a big impact when Hurricane Sandy hit and helped majorly with the reconstruction ("Chris Christie"). He also fough hard to restore fiscal integrity and fix property taxes, and he made education reform a top priority. ("Office of the Govenor | Administration"). During his term, Christie showed people how powerful he was and how much he
  • New drug laws

    One big thing Christie fought for was dealing with the way New Jersey dealt with drug-addicted criminals. He signed a new law where New Jersey would put drug-addicted criminals into a statewide mandatory drug court program where the could reclaim their lives through treatment, instead of being in prison forever ("Office of the Governor | Administration"). This law changed a lot for the state and helped people get their lives, which many citizens agreed with and wanted. He fought hard for this.
  • A top priority

    Serving as governor, Chris Christie made education reform a top priority. He wanted to turn around failing schools, improve acoountability, create a fair evaluation system and increase school choice. He provided millions of dollars plus aid for NJ schools. In August of 2012, he signed into law to increase teacher effectiveness and acoountability in classrooms (Office of the Governor | Administration"). Christie made this a priority, fought hard for what he wanted and got done what was needed.
  • A top priority part two

    He wanted students to do better in school and have bright futures, so he worked hard to do whatever was possible. NJ residents saw that and realized the improvement in schools. Christie used his power to give students equal opportunities.
  • Keynote Speaker

    At the Republican National Convention in 2012, Christie was honored to give the keynote speech ("Chris Christie."). This keynote speech was a highlight of the Republican National Convention. When Christie gave his speech, people really engaged, got excited and listened to what he said. It was a very big task that Christie had been given, but he stepped up and gave a very powerful speech that people remembered.
  • A second time

    On November 5th, 203, Christie won the re-election toget a second term as New Jersey Governor. ("Chris Christie"). During his first term, Christie achieved a lot for New Jersey, and the residents wanted to see what else he could do. Christie used his power to help the citizens of New Jersey and made a difference in the community.