Chris farley

The Life of Chris Farley

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  • Birthday

    Chris Farley Info
    Chris Farley was born on Febuary 15, 1964 in Madison Wisconsin. His Father Tom owned a oil and him mother was a housewife. Chris's family is of Irish decent and Roman Catholic
  • Sports

    Even thought he went to school and college mainly for theater, he also played his fair share of sports. He played football in highschool and ruggby in college. This is also where the big guy gets his athleticism despite his weight.
  • Early Career

    Early Career
    Chris Farley graduated Marquette University for theaterwork. He got a job at the Ark Improv Theater then the Olympic Theater in Chicago as a professinal comedian. He eventually started working at Chicago's Second City Theater on the main stage.
  • SNL

    Along with Chris Rock, Farley was added to SNL in the spring of 1990. He quickly started to colaberate with other cast members like Adam Sandler and David Spade to make over the top skitts. Some of these include Lunch Lady, Matt Foley, and Chris Farley 'Interviews.'
  • Chippendale's dancer

     Chippendale's dancer
    In this famos skitt Chris is paired with Patrick Swayze competing to get a spot in the Chippendales. This skitt shows that not only can farley get a good laugh but is more agile than you think. The skitt is also famos for featuring two guys who died too young.
  • da BEARS

    da BEARS
    In this SNL sketch, Chris Farley along with other members such as Joe Mantegna and Mike Myers play as sterio-typical Chicago fans talking about da BEARS. They are often times show drinking large amounts of beer and ribs while talking about anything on hand. The sketch apered many other times on the show usually before a bears game.
  • Bennitt Brauer

    Bennitt Brauer
    Bennitt Brauer is the angry news commentator who is always off topic. Mabey he's not the norm, or own a tooth brush, or constantly sweats in his sleep. Also as a bonus at the end of the sketch they let Farley fly around the stage being the boy who never grew up.
  • Matt Foley

    Matt Foley
    Matt Foley on Hulu
    Angry, low self confidence, hyper on coffee, yep this guy sounds inspiring. Matt Foley, one of Chris Farley's characters on SNL was an over the top motovational speaker who lived in a van down by the river and is divorced. In his first apperance he talked to a couple of teens trying to guide them. He appered several other times on the show but his fisrt was arguably the best.
  • Columbian Decaffenated Coffee Crystals

    Columbian Decaffenated Coffee Crystals
    In this SNL video Chris stars in a never before seen cut tape from a popular TV show. In it, they replace his normal cup of coffee with decafe. Opon finding this out Chris goes berserk on the restaurant and the cook. The lesson from this is never mess with a mans cup of joe.
  • Bus Driver Billy Madison

    Bus Driver Billy Madison
    Need a man with Mutton Chops to drive some kids, Chris Farley is on the job. In Billy Madison Chris Farley is the angry bus driver who helps Billy along the way. It is also thanks to Chris we will all never forget when the spanish armada was.
  • Tommy Boy

    Tommy Boy
    Tommy Boy Info
    In this movie Chris Faley Plays as the idiot salesmen trying to save his dad's company with his freind Richared Hatin, David Spade. After his father dies Tommy and Richard must travel the country and sell half a million break pads before going bankrupt. Along the way they'll kill a deer, start a fire, avoid the cops, and fill some gas.
  • Fired From SNL

    Fired From SNL
    In an interview with Conan O'Brien Adam Sandler revieled that in 1995 him and Chris were both fired from SNL. This is largly due to their prank phone calls and Chris mooning people out of their limmo. Their unprofessional behavior off screen got thm in trouble and NBC ultimentaly decided to terminate their contracts.
  • Black Sheep

    Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Link
    In their second movie, Chris and David once again play as the idiot combo who have to pull through. In this film a govoner runner up has to deal with his embarassing brother and hires a freind to help him. Along the way Chris will do everything from fighting a bat to stopping voter fraud.
  • Beverly Hills Ninja

    Beverly Hills Ninja
    In his last film before he died Chris plays as an orphan ninja who is also the clumsiest man on earth. Following an investigation Haru (Chris) leaves Japan and makes his mark in Beverly Hills. The movie got bad ratings from critics but suppoters claimed that was the point to be a bad movie.
  • Death

    On December 18 1997 Chris Farley was found dead in his brothers apartment. An autopsy revealed he had overdosed on cocaine and morphine early that morning. He died at the age of 33 as a comedian legened.