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Into the Wild

  • Chris Macandless graduates

    Chris Macandless graduates
    Chris graduates from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Then tells his parents he is going to spend his summer traveling in his yellow Datson marking his seperation from social obedience.
  • The start of a journey

    The start of a journey
    Chris drove directly West but had no choice but to abandon his Datsun in Arizona when a flash flood ruined the engine. Chris, attached a note to the car saying if someone could get the car out they could have it. Along with his car Chris also left most of his belongings behind furthering his journey away from conformity.
  • Alexander Supertramp

    Alexander Supertramp
    Chris started going by the name of "Alex Supertramp" and documenting his travels. By changing his name “Alex” tried to avoid the dangers of conformity, which to him was his real name and all of the thing connected to it.
  • Wayne Westerberg

    Wayne Westerberg
    Chris hitches a ride from Wayne Westerberg, in South Dakota. Wayne offers Chris a job, working at his grain elevator and ends up becoming Chris's closest friend. Chris stayed until he went to prison. Before Wayne went to prison Chris showed his conformity to society by giving up his real name and real social security number. By giving up his social security number gave annyone the chance of finding him, even his abusive father.
  • Mexico

    Alex sneaks across the border in a kayak, trying to paddle to the Gulf Coast. After almost drowning decides to return to America.
  • McDonalds

    Arrives in Bullhead City, Arizona, where he works for two months at McDonalds and lives in an empty RV where people try to help him by giving him soap. Living in the empty RV and not showering he showed his power to go against the social norm.
  • Ronald Franz

    Ronald Franz
    Hitch-hiking to town for supplies Chris meet a 80 year old man named Ronald Franz. Chris and Ronald instanly bonded and Chris delayed his trip to Alaska. going against the norm Chris ended up giving him the advice on how to live his life. Ronald having no relatives wanted to adopt Chris forcing him to leave. Chris's views of the dangers of conformity gave him idea that having a "family" would stop his hopes of making it to Alaska from coming true.
  • South Dakota

    South Dakota
    Chris, being a hobo and hopping trains, calls franz and askes him to pick him up. Franz picks up Chris and resumes work for Wayne, who is now out of prison.
  • Alaska

    Alex makes it to Alaska meeting Jim who tried giving him supplies that Alex decliend. If Chris would have accepted the supplies he would have gone against what he had came there for, which was to go against conformity and live of the land.
  • Magic Bus Day

    Magic Bus Day
    After crossing the Teklanika River, Chris arrived at an abandoned bus sitting on the trail. His journal entry for that date said, "Magic Bus Day!" Magic bus day for Chris was the first real day away from conformity and its dangers.
  • Patatoes

    Having eaten wild potatoes since he got to Alaska, the root of the potato became bitter and inedible so Chris began collecting its seeds. The seeds that he learnd about from a book that Chris staked his life on, ended up getting him sick, and made Chris unable to get any nutrition, eventually leading to his starvation. The book that symbolized peoples reliance on modern confomity.
  • The Last Note

    The Last Note
    After 112 days in Alaska Chris left his last note saying "I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!" In Chris's final moments he showed that without conformity he enjoyed his life and he was happy with the decisions he had made even though they had led to his own death.
  • The dangers of conformity

    The dangers of conformity
    Conformity is the act of confirming to the quot on quot the "norm." And is in fact a varry basics subconscious act that Mark Twain clearly points out in the short story Corn Pon Opion. Thats it right the dangers are gust that the fact you wouldn't be willing to do somthing in the feer that everyone else in the world will put you down because it dousen't follow the "regular."Well Chris is one of the few and far between that jumped out of the suite and tie out of the cubical and went in the wild.