I've Just Seen a Face

  • A Fateful Night

    A Fateful Night
    Chris and Michelle meet for the first time at a party thrown by our wonderful friend Kat.
  • Period: to

    Down the Aisle

  • Tentative Introductions

    After spending the day together and agreeing to spend the night, Michelle meets Leisa and Mikey during a trip to Mom's to pick up laundry. Sadly Mom and Don are not present at this time.
  • L Bomb

    L Bomb
    Through the cunning use of candy Michelle drops the L bomb in a beautiful note, and later during a rambling phone message Chris reciprocates.
  • More family are introduced.

    So in keeping with the Wednesday tradition at the time Akum and Luna come to the apartment and meet Chris for the first time. In hoping to balance the scales Rob and Jess come by to meet Michelle. A splendid time is had by all.
  • Meet and Greet

    Working with the shooting schedule we had set up Michelle meets The Ninja crew for the first time plus Myn. After a meal at Penny's 2 most of us head back to Milford for an evening of Rock Band. Chris and Michelle stay in Milford for two nights which ends up being the last time Chris stays in his apartment.
  • Homecoming

    Chris and Michelle head to Milford for the first Sunday dinner. Michelle meets Mom and Don for the first time.
  • You've gottta have friends.

    Chris finally meets the excellent Casey who comes to the apartment for dinner.
  • Gobble Gobble

    Chris and Michelle spend their first holiday together as they celebrate Thanksgiving at Mom and Dons. Michelle meets more of the extended family for the first time.
  • Moving Out

    After being freed of his obligations Chris decides that resistance is futile and excepts Michelle's inviation ot officially move in with her. Over the next few weeks with help from Rob,Paul and JML all of his belonging are moved from Milford into storage or the apartment.
  • Into the Woods.

    After driving further and further into the woods Chris and Michelle finally arrive for dinner at Lisa and Billy's. A fabulous evening is had by all.
  • Live long decision.

    Live long decision.
    After realizing they want to spend as long as possible together Chris and Michelle quit smoking.
  • First Date

    First Date
    Despite having been together over a month Chris and Michelle finally have there first date and in a spectacular fashion. The attend the Tim Burton retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC. A wonderful day that they would remember forever.
  • Surprises

    Unbeknownst to Michelle, Chris purchases her engagement ring.
  • Rocking out for the holidays.

    Rocking out for the holidays.
    Akum,Luna and Rob join us in the apartment for a slightly delayed celebration of Solitice. Gift giving and Rock Band make for a wonderful evening.
  • Popping the Question.

    Popping the Question.
    Depsite making promises to Rob to wait, Chris is swept up in feelings of love and being surrounded by family for the holidays and ask Michelle to marry him. As is evident by this website and timeline she says yes. Michelle meets Noah and Hannah for the first time.
  • New Year, New Beginning.

    Chris and Michelle spend a very quiet and romantic New Years Eve together.
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow.

    Follow through on plans made months before they met, Michelle heads out to California to see her son Devin. This is the first time the two are apart since the night they meant. After some small mental crisis Chris learns to deal with it.
  • Reunited and it feels so good.

    After a week apart, the two lovers are finally reunited when Chris, with the help of Rob picks Michelle up from the airport at Laguardia. A magical moment is shared in their embrace.
  • Procrastination.

    On the night they met Chris asked Michelle to the movies. After 2 and a half months that invitation is finally fufilled with a trip to see Pirate Radio.
  • A bloke not in a dress.

    A bloke not in a dress.
    Chris and Michelle head into NYC for the first date they actually planned. Eddie Izzard at MSG. While the earlier part of the evening didn't work out as planned the show was great and a romantic evening followed.
  • It's all happening at the zoo.

    It's all happening at the zoo.
    During the course of wedding planning Michelle finds the Beardsley Zoo as a possible location. After a visit with the event planner we fall in love with the site and book it for our big day.
  • Hearts and Flowers.

    Hearts and Flowers.
    The culmanation of two and a half weeks of little somethings, Chris and Michelle spend a beautiful evening together at home with a amazing dinner and plans. It is the best Valentines Day ever.
  • Period: to

    Leaving on a jet plane.

    GalleryWith the wedding of their dear friends Kat and Michael in St. Augstine, FL, Chris and Michelle decide to use the trip as a getway. With visits to Universal Studios and The Magic Kingdom they have an unforgettable first trip away together.