220px frederick douglass c1860s

My life in Brithish North America

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    My line in 1860-1890

  • Running to Freedom

    Running to Freedom
    I ran from slavery following Harriet on the railroads to a place called Brithish North America. I plan to start a new life get a family and make a decent living.
  • Who I am

    Who I am
    My name is John Williams.I am 30 years I was born in Indiana where my whole family was taken for slavery. My mom and 2 brothers where all hanged together but i maneged to escape.My dad had already left the family when he found out he was having a child.Inhope to find a job and a wife in British North America.
  • My new home

    My new home
    I finally stopped in the city of Toronto where I decide to make my living. I have no mo no body to help me and I'm living on wellington street.
  • Getting a job

    Getting a job
    I was the happiest i have ever been when i heard i was getting a job. I was hired to be a blacksmith earing $2.00 a day. I work on gates, grilles, railings and much more.
  • I got married

    I got married
    It was the happiest moment in my life that i started to cry. I married Mary Danzilo. She was from spain and came from the St lawerence over to Toronto. We dated for almost a year. She is a teacher making very good money. We are going to have the best wedding I just wish my family was here.
  • Finding the girls of my dreams

    Finding the girls of my dreams
    I met a beutiful girl named Mary. Her eyes light up, her tan is so dark. I think I'm in love.
  • buying an apartmint

    buying an apartmint
    Me and Mary are still in love :). To show how much we love each other we bought an apartament on wellington street.
  • Me and Marys first anniversary

    Today was a speacial day for me and Mary as a first anniversary came along. We couldn't afford to do anything so we took a day off work.
  • Marys pregnant.

    Marys pregnant.
    The day i thought i would have never of happend 5 years ago. Marys pregnant :). The doctor says mary won't be able to work anymore. This means I'm going to have to work extra hard to make ends meet. Don't tell Mary this but I hope its a boy.
  • ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We had a boy. His name is Chris. That was my dads name. He is one big baby. Mary his starting to feel better to.
  • Chris 1 year old bithrday

    Chris 1 year old bithrday
    Chris is now 1! I mads him a wooden train at work for his birthday gift. Mary got him a train conductor doll.
  • Marys sick :(

    Marys sick :(
    The doctors can not find out whats wrong with Mary. She has had fevers,trouble breathing, chest pains and has been coughing. It's pretty bad and she has been off work latley. I have gotten a baby sitter to take care of Chris but I have to take some days off to take care of Mary.
  • A new country

    A new country
    Canada is a country! Three colonies federated, forming a federal domination that established Canada.
  • Marys in a hospital

    Marys in a hospital
    Mary was taken to a hospital today because it is her sickness has gotton so bad.
  • Chris took his first steps. Marys better

    Chris took his first steps. Marys better
    Chris can some what walk now and can say goo ga ga. Mary is back now and is starting work tomorrow.
  • got in promotion

    got in promotion
    Today at work my boss prometed me . this means I build more complex things than I did like fences. This is huge for the family.
  • Chris said his first words

    Chris said his first words
    Chris said his first words today It was Mommy and train. I think he really loves trains. I also love when Mary sings and he jumps aroud. If only he could have have of met my parents.
  • Mary told me a sad story about her family

    Mary told me a sad story about her family
    Marys family where very poor and could not take care of her. When a group of expolorers where going over to Norrth America from her home country Spain. She was dumped off at a orphanage. Although she loved her teachers and friends at the orpange she would have dreams that her family came and got her to bring her home but that was never reality.
  • Chris first day at homeschool

    Me and Marys had come to the conclustion that it would be better if we had Chris homeschooled. We think this is better because Mary feels she get teach Chris better if it where just him and her.
  • Father and son time

    Me and Chris found that one thing that we both love....HUNTING. The thrill of shooting and animal and getting a free dinner excites both me and Chris and we both love it.
  • Got a dog

    Me and Chris got a hunnting dog today. He is a black lab. We got hime to get the animals that we kill and bring them to us. We named him Rocky.
  • The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

    Now that Chris is 11 he should start to know what he wants to be when he is older. He was very happy to announce to me that he wants to work with me and be a blacksmith. the news was so great that im going to take him to work tommorow to show him one are two things.
  • Broke my thumb

    When I was working on a fence I hit my thumb with a hammer. it broke it and I will be off work for 4 weeks. Now that Chris is getting older I expect him to fill in for me and miss school.
  • Me and Mays 15th year anniversary

    Me and Mary celibrated by getting each other love cards. It may sound stupid but thats what we can afford.
  • Chris has a gilrfriend

    Chris is now older and can find his true true love without are help :). I think this girl might be the one her name is Jackie.
  • Chris got Married

    Chris is 17 and thats when people who love each other should get married. He married Jackie Smith who works at her dads farm. She is 16 years old. Chris loves and couldn't stop talking about her since the day he met her.
  • Chris is working with me

    Chris got a job today where i work the boss expects me to show him everything.
  • Rockey died

    Today was a sad day for me and Chris as Rockey died of Cancer. God bless Rocky
  • Jackie is Pregnant

    Today was one of the happiest days of my life as Jackie is pregnant. I can't wait to be a Grandad and for Msry to be a Grandma.
  • It's a boy

    Today I was in tears a my Grandson was born. His name is John as Chrish named him after me.
  • My life is Great

    Its funny how you're life can change like mine. At the lowest point in my life to the highest in only a few years and it only got better. I hope you enjoyed my story.