wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

  • Period: to

    the history of whut

    this is the time span of the lives of aaron, andriod 24601, elliot, chris, daniel and others
  • android 24601 has affair with mrs whisker

    mrs whisker becomes pregnant
  • daniels birth

    daniel kennedy is born
  • Dr. hunter reboot android 24601

    after android 24601 went off course with his mission,Dr. hunter gave the android a complete reboot. then sent a nanobot through time to infect android 24601 with a virus that turns him into a baby and changes its sexuallity.
  • android 24601 found by Gillian Miskimimmin and renamed adam

  • aaron whisker is born

  • android 24601 arrives in 1995 to deliver baby but...

    leaves stephanie hunter with the O'neil family, after doing so goes further back in time to 1994
  • daniel and adam join wellington college

  • chris hunter arrives in the past

    here he plans to becomes friends with adam miskimmimin to get close enough to destroy the android
  • aaron whisker joins wellington

  • miskys old memory of fembot is rebooting becomes escort

  • aaron whisker and stephanie O'neil get married

  • stephanie O'neil becomes Elliot O'neil

  • ps4 and xbox one annouced

  • aaron and elliot give birth to chris whisker

  • elliot and aaron give birth to their second son

    aaron jr is born
  • daniel kennedy comes up with the plans for the a working time machine

  • chris whisker becomes lead developer of android technology

  • chris hunter destroys misky and returns to his present timeline

  • aaron whisker dies

  • daniel kennedy murdered

    daniel kennedy is murdered by an early design of android 24601 to steal the plans for the time machine
  • Elliot Oneil dies

  • chris whisker redesigns his whole body with biomechanic body parts giving him extended life

  • chris whisker fakes death and changes name to chris hunter

  • microsoft bust after xbox 3 was released

  • Dr hunter arrives in chris hunters timeline

    dr hunter arrives in chris hunters timeline to give him the plans for the time machine and warn him about android 24601
  • chris hunter creates first working time machine

  • chris hunter goes back in time to kill android 24601

    after being vistited by a future self telling him that his fathers (aaron whisker) close friend is actually an android that he creates in the future. hunter returns to the past to destroy it
  • aaron jr sends milky way crispy rolls back in time

    as he knew about misky being android and that he loved crispy rolls, but when he realised they didnt exist in the future, he created them and sent them back in time to be distributed.
  • half life 3 is released

  • gabe newell dies

  • the start of world war 3

    after becoming bankrupt in 2100, microsoft, slowly started to rebuild themselves under the name of micro-enterprise.
    in the year 2497 they had become the worlds richest company.
    this lead them to creating an army of super soldiers using chris hunters work in biomechanical human parts.
    with this they wanted to take revenge on sony and nintendo for destroying thier company
  • the end of world war 3

    micro-enterprise are forced to sign a treaty confirming they can never develop anything ever again after sony create the PlaystationWar. within one of release the console the war ended as micro-enterprises cannot cope with sony, not now, not then NOT FUCKING EVER....SO FUCK YOU MICORSOFT...AND EA...CUNTS
  • dr.hunter sends fembot mk.2 back in time to steal time machine plans

  • fembot mk 8:the creation of the first working fembot - created by chris hunter

    the creation of the first working fembot - created by chris hunter
  • Dr.hunter impregnates fembot mk.8

  • fembot gives birth to stephanie hunter

  • stephanie hunter put in time stasis

  • android 24601 created from fembot mk.8

  • android 24601 sent back in time with stephanie to reboot timeline

  • Dr hunter goes back in time ti visit past self

    Dr hunter goes back in time to warn past self about android 24601
  • Dr. hunter dies