Into the Wild Map

  • Atlanta, Georgia (Emory College) (Event #4)

    Atlanta, Georgia (Emory College) (Event #4)
    After McCandless graduates from college(5/12/90) he almost immediately sets off on his journey, with Alaska in mind.
  • Nevada. Lake Mead/Detrital Wash. (Event #5)

    Nevada. Lake Mead/Detrital Wash. (Event #5)
    McCandless takes his beloved yellow Datsun into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and set up camp on the edge of Detrital Wash. The wash flooded and forced McCandless to leave his car and some of his belongings behind with it. He also burned the money he had on him, and buried a few belongings he planned on coming back for.
  • Carthage, South Dakota. (Event #3)

    Carthage, South Dakota. (Event #3)
    McCandless arrives (9/10/90) in Carthage with the intention of just passing through but ends up sticking around to work for Wayne Westerberg, a friend he makes and keeps until his death in 1992. He leaves and resumes his nomadic existence after Westerberg is put in prison, and there is no more work for him. (10/23/90)
  • Morelos Dam, Mexican Border, & El Golfo de Santa Clara. (Event #6)

    Morelos Dam, Mexican Border, & El Golfo de Santa Clara. (Event #6)
    Chris gets lost in the canals and channels by the Morelos Dam and eventually gets picked up by some duck hunters who steer him towards El Golfo de Santa Clara. (12/2/90 - 1/16/91)
  • Bulllhead, Arizona. (Event #7)

    Bulllhead, Arizona. (Event #7)
    McCandless stops documenting his journey and does not pick back up again until he makes it to Alaska the year after. Because of this, not much is knows about what he did after leaving Las Vegas in May of 1991. However, we do know that he worked at a McDonalds for a little while.
  • Salton City, California. (Event #9)

    Salton City, California. (Event #9)
    Ron Franz picks up Chris. Ron and Chris end up growing incredibly close, to the point where Ron asks to adopt Chris, to which Chris doesn't give a straight answer and also gives up his static life for a more nomadic one. During Chris' stay with Ron he makes his leather belt.
  • Liard River Hot Springs, Yukon Territory. (Event #12)

    Liard River Hot Springs, Yukon Territory. (Event #12)
    Chris has had a pretty easy time hitchhiking from this point and decides to stop at the springs. During his soak, he meets Gaylord Stucky. Stucky tells Chris he can't drive him because of company policy, him being a truck driver, but ends up driving him all the way to Fairbanks, after becoming attached to Chris.
  • Stampede Trail (Event #15)

    Stampede Trail (Event #15)
    Chris finally makes it to his destination. He had been hiking the trail for four days when he comes across the bus, and while he hadn't gone in thinking he would stay in one spot for so long, he ended up staying there until his death, 114 days later.
  • The Slabs. (Event #8)

    The Slabs. (Event #8)
    During Chris' stay with Bob and Jan Burres at the Slabs (Dec. '91 to Jan '92) Chris helped Jan run her stand, among other things. Chris seemed happy to be there, but ended up leaving the Wednesday after he arrived.
  • Carthage, South Dakota. (Event #10)

    Carthage, South Dakota. (Event #10)
    Chris goes back to South Dakota to make some money to buy the equipment he will need for his Alaska trip. Chris had been working for Westerberg for only a little while, about a month, when he decides to make up his mind about leaving. When Westerberg finds out about his departure date, he offers to buy Chris a plane ticket to Alaska so he can work a little longer. Chris refuses Wayne's offer outright. (March '92 to April 27, '92)
  • Final Departure from Carthage, SD. (Event #11)

    Final Departure from Carthage, SD. (Event #11)
    Chris leaves to start his 'Great Alaskan Odyssey' and heads up north. He meets several people along the way, including; Jim Gallien and Gaylord Stucky.
  • Fairbanks, Alaska. (Event #13)

    Fairbanks, Alaska. (Event #13)
    Stucky drops Chris off and begs him to call his parents, just so they know if he is okay or not. Stucky, after finding out he has some time to kill, returns to find Chris to "take him sightseeing or something" but Chris is already long gone.
  • Alaska- Out of Fairbanks/Stampede Trail (Event #1)

    Alaska- Out of Fairbanks/Stampede Trail (Event #1)
    Jim Gallien picks Alex (Chris McCandless) up outside of Fairbanks and drives him as close to the Stampede Trail as he can get.
  • Anchorage, Alaska. (Event #14)

    Anchorage, Alaska. (Event #14)
    Jim Gallien picks Chris up on the George Parks Highway, outside of Anchorage and drives him all the way to the Stampede Trail. Before letting Chris go, Gallien gives him a pair of boots, his lunch, and an offer to buy him some better gear, which Chris declines.
  • August? (Stampede Trail) (Event #2)

    August? (Stampede Trail) (Event #2)
    Six people from three different parties happen upon the bus, with McCandless' dead body inside, and read the letter he left behind, "S.O.S. I need your help. I am injured, near death, and too weak to hike out of here, I am all alone, this is no joke. In the name of God, please remain to save me. I am out collecting berries close by and shall return this evening. Thank you, Chris McCandless. August?"