Into the wild beach scene

Into The Wild

  • Everett Ruess

    A twenty year old who followed in Chris's footsteps, and eventually disappeared without a trace in Utah.
  • Carl Mcunn

    "Arranged to be flown into the wilderness for five months, where he planned to mostly shoot pictures of wildlife. He forgot, however, to arrange to be picked up, and so ended up killing himself as he slowly and painfully starved and froze to death."
  • Chris McCndles Donates the rest of his college fund to OXFAM

    This is a the point where Chris truly breaks away from society and their expectations.
  • Chris hikes Lake Mead in Nevada

    This is Chris testing his ability to survive in the wild.
  • Chris abandons his car

    Without a second thought Chris packs his belongings and leaves his car when it's damaged. This shows his true ability to pick up and carry on when things don't go his way, and his no attachments attitude.
  • Chris recieves a hitch hiking ticket

    The ticket is sent home to his parents and they visit his apartment. They find it vacant and all the letters they wrote to him over the summer.
  • Wayne Westerburg picks up Chris in Montana

    Due to the heavy rainfall Chris stays with Wayne for three days in his trailer. Chris becomes very trusting of Wayne and takes up his work offer a couple weeks later. It seems Chris connects more easily with strangers than with people within his family.
  • No work at grain elevator

    Chris finds no work at the grain elevator and leaves to resume his life on the move. Westerburg finds out that Chris has changed his name and shunned his family. He was rejecting their materialistic values.
  • Chris catches a ride to Needles, California

    Chris then walks twelve miles in the desert until he reaches Topock, Arizona. There he purchases an aluminum canoe which proves handy in the proceeding chapters.
  • Chris sends a postcard to Wayne

    Even though he's paddling through Yuma he still stops to send Wayne a postcard. Where as he hasn't spoken to his parents in months, he would pause to update his passing by friends on his journey. Chris cherishes small relationshipsthat that don't require a lot of baggage due to his dad's double marriage. ". . . extremely uncomfortable in society now and must return to road immediately."
  • Chris reached Murelos Dam on the Mexican border

    "McCandless proves himself remarkably capable, canoeing through hundreds of miles of hostile landscape and even crossing an international border undetected.)"
  • Period: to

    Chris sets up camp on the Desolate Plateau

  • Chris camps in cave

    To escape the winds Chris stays in this cave for ten days.
  • Chris encounters a violent storm

    Chris abandons the canoe and decides to head North. This is another example of Chris's ability to let go of things with ease.
  • Chris returns to US border

    He is caught by immigrants with no ID and spends the night in jail.
  • Period: to

    Chris travels to Houston and heads to Pacific Coast

  • Chris goes to LA

    He attempts to get an ID and a job but writes, ". . . extremely uncomfortable in society now and must return to road immediately." As Chris progresses through his adventure you see his social skills decline and long to be alone increase.
  • Camping at Grand Canyon

    Chris loses over twenty five pounds and camps with a young german couple
  • Chris digs up belongings

    He digs up his belongings he buried when he abondoned his Datsun. Though he does not have attachments to things, he finds comfort in his own things and pride that he placed them there.
  • Chris buries his backpack and heads to Vegas

  • Period: to

    Chris lives on Oregon Coast

    He sends a postcard to Jan Burres complaining of the weather conditions. Although he proves tough and untouchable, it seems little things still irritate him. Here we see him again contacting a passing by friend, but still not his family.
  • Chris hitch hikes into California

    He catches a ride to California and then back into the desert.
  • Chris Arrives in Bullhead city

    He works at McDonalds for two months and lives in an empty trailer. He purposely avoids making relationships with his coworkers and was noticably socially awkward. Chris was not able to socialize with his own age group.
  • Surprise visit in Burres

    Chris shows up unnanounced at the Burre's The Slab campsite in Niland. He seems as though he descreetly seeks company. You see him sending postcards and visiting the people he meets on the way, but never his family. He seeks the acceptance and love you'd recieve from a family in these people.
  • Chris meets Ronald Franz

    Chris meets Ronald Franz hitch hiking near Salton Sea. Franz outlines the lovable side of Chris and even urges Chris to let him adopt him. The reluctance of Chris to accept shows his underlying hurt and distrust from his dad's mistakes.
  • Chris returns to Wayne's work

  • Chris calls Franz for pick up

    Franz insists Chris stay with him for a night and buys him a steak dinner, and truly falls in love with the kid everyone describes as irristable not to love.
  • Journal Entry

    "DAY 100! I MADE IT! IN WEAKEST CONDITION OF MY LIFE. DEATH LOOMS AS SERIOUS THREAT." Chris knew his death was near, but he was satisfied with the life he had lived in the past three years.
  • Jim Gallien picks up Chris

    Alaska Highway
  • Gene Rosellini

    Survived without any tools but those he could make himself for over a decade, until he killed himself
  • John Waterman

    "He was a very talented young climber with a troubled relationship with his father, a tragic personal life, and a very eccentric personality. He became more and more unhinged, and eventually embarked on a borderline suicidal climb of Denali, during which he disappeared, and is presumed dead."
  • Chris finds the famous bus

    The bus in all the pictures is found and Chris camps here.
  • Last Journal Entry

    Did Chris change his mind on his beliefs of happiness? A possible reason of the first entry is Chris regretting not contacting his family when he had the chance. However, he doesn't make any effort to say goodbye to them in his notes. Another possibility is Chris acknowledging that he truly enjoyed all his passing by friend's company, a simple thought of missing them.