Third Parties

By sallen
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    Third Parties

  • Anti-Federalsits

    Anti-Federalists were opponents of the policies of Alexander Hamilton, and therefore opponents The Federalsits aswell. This party was the first Anti-Govenrment party to exist. This party beleived in a strong state govenrment. Foner, Erick. Give Me Liberty. New York, n.d
  • Democratic-Republicans

    Democrats, Rebiblicans, and Jeffersonains became known as Democratic-Republicans. The Democratic-Republican party supported Jefferson, and were The Fedralists' opponents. Republicans were mostly farmers, opposed to haveing a strong central government. Foner, Erick. Give Me Liberty. New York, n.d
    Foner, Erick. Give Me Liberty. New York, n.d
  • Toleration Party

    The Toleration Party was a third party active in Conneticut. The party consisted of many Baptists, Methodists, Unitarians, and Universalists. This party was allied with the Democratic-Republican Party. The Toleration Party had been absorbed by the Democratic Party in the 1820s.
  • Whigs

    The Whigs came togather under the American System. They beleived that with a protective tariff, a national bank, and aid to internal improvments, the federal governemnt could help the growth of the econmey. Foner, Erick. Give Me Liberty. New York, n.d
  • The Know-Nothings

    This party was called the "Know-nothings" because if members were asked about it they would respond "I know nothing." This party was formed to reserve political office for native-born Americans, and to resist the agressions of the cathloc church. Foner, Erick. Give Me Liberty. New York, n.d
  • Free soilers

    The Free Soilers was a short lived third party, that existed from 1848 to 1852. The parties main purpose was opposeing the expansion of slavery. By 1854, this party was absorbed by the Republican Party.
  • Prohabition Party

    The Prohibition Party succeeded at persuading communities to ban the production of alcholic beverages. This party was lead by Jhon Russell, however faded during WWII.
  • Greenback Party

    The Greenback Party was opposed to monopolies. This party was active from around 1870 to 1880, This political party was established by mainly farmers who were effected by the Panic of 1873. This panic caused The New York Stcok Exchange to colse for 10 days, and and shut down over 15,000 buisness.
  • Socialist Labor Party of America

    The Socialist Labor Party of America was established in 1876 as the workingmen's party. The Party beleived in a transformation of socioty through both political and industrial work.
  • Populists

    The Populists was a third party that existed during the Guilded Age, and was fromed to challange big-buisnesses. Poor western farmers united to from this party. In the election of 1896, the Populist party was abosrbed into the Democratic Party.