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The womens rights

  • Slavery Convention

    Slavery Convention
    1840 nine women from united statess attended the worls anti-slavery convention in london.
  • Speakin Publicly

    Speakin Publicly
    Stone began speaking out puplicly for the first time in 1847. She was the first women in Massachusetts to earn a college degre.
  • Womens Rights Convention

    Womens Rights Convention
    The first women's rights conventions opened in Seneca Falls, New York. Both men and women are created equal now.
  • No Blacks

    No Blacks
    No African women attened the Seneca Falls cinventions.
  • Guardian Ship

    Guardian Ship
    New york agreed to grant married women the guardian ship of their children and control koftheir own wasges.
  • Susan b. Anthony

    Susan b. Anthony
    In spring 1851 Anthony later became the president of the American Women Suffrage Association.
  • Lucretia Coffen Mott

    Lucretia Coffen Mott
    She spent hours after meetings talking about women's position.
  • Lucy Stone

    Lucy Stone
    Lucy Stone kept the (Women Question) from fading away