The War on Emo

  • The war begins

    The war begins
    My Chemical Romance release their second album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. This marks the start of emo as we know it.
  • Album release

    Album release
    Fall Out Boy release platinum selling album From Under The Cork Tree. It's monumental sales thrust emo into the limelight.
  • Media involvement

    The Daily Mail print an article by Sarah Sands, branding emo a 'cult'.
  • Reading Festival

    At the Reading Festival, Panic! At The Disco are bottled, as are My Chemical Romance. Lead singer of MCR Gerard Way leads a chant of "F*** The Daily Mail".
  • Rising popularity

    Rising popularity
    MCR release their third album, The Black Parade, quickly becoming the biggest emo band in the world.
  • Bands get bottled

    MCR headline Download. The bottling they face is so ferocious that a net has to be placed in front of the stage to protect them.
  • Suicide cult?

    13-year-old MCR fan Hannah Bond is found dead in her bedroom. the band are branded as a 'suicide cult'.
  • Emo riots

    Emo riots
    'Emo riots' hit Mexico. Gangs find gothic looking rock fans to attack.
  • The Daily Mail

    Hannah Bond's inquest comments that emo is "very disturbing'. Another article on the dangers of emo appears in The Dailly Mail.
  • News goes worldwide

    News goes worldwide
    Russia threatans to ban the wearing of 'emo clothes' in government buildings.
  • The beginning of the end?

    The beginning of the end?
    Fall Out Boy announce their hiatus.
  • Welcome back to My Chemical Romance

    Welcome back to My Chemical Romance
    My Chemical Romance release their fourth album, entitled Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.
  • Fans are killed

    Fans are killed
    Threats are made against emo fans in Iraq. Many are killed.
  • The end is not in sight

    With more threats and killings in Iraq this year, and emo being linked to terrorism and vampirism, it's clear The War on Emo is not going to be over any time soon.