The Viability and Challenges Facing Interplanetary Colonization

  • "Outside the Box" Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies for the 21st Century.

    This Journal was created during a time where space technology was not as good as they are currently. As such, the author felt that the technology of that time needed massive improvements before we were ready for a manned mission to Mars. They felt it was possible, but not for a long time.
  • The Ecological Colonization of Space

    The Ecological Colonization of space goes into detail about the environment that will need to be mantained during the flight to Mars, and once Mars is reached. While the journal is very positive about a mission to Mars, it did stress that work still needed to be done in order to perfect the environment needed.
  • The Challenges and Opportunities of Designing Pervasive Systems for Deep-space Colonies.

    By the time that this journal was written, the author felt that most if not all of the technology needed to send a manned mission to Mars was already created and just needed to be applied to the project. It is very positive about the thechnologies we have now and believes that the only changes that need to be made are to replace integral parts of our current technology with similar parts that work in microgravity.
  • Space Radiation Protection: Destination Mars

    This Journal focuses on the radiation that Astronauts will face during the trip to Mars and their subsequent stay. The author states that we can use the technology developed to protect the astronauts on the ISS to protect against most of the radiation, but we're still looking at at least a 400% increase in cancer risk due to radiation. We will therefor need to work on fine tuning the systems that protect agains radiation before attempting a Mars mission.