The Veldt

  • The house

    The parents buy an advanced house that does everything for you
  • The nursery

    The mom and the dad dont like the nursery because its in africa and its not safe there.
  • Changing the nursery

    The parents tell their kids that they are going to change the nursery to something safer
  • Shutting off the house

    The kids do not want to change the nursery so the parents turn off the house until the kids take care of themselfs.
  • Finding a way

    During the night the kids find a way to turn the house back on
  • The lour

    The kids try to lour their parents into the nursery by yelling "help!"
  • The killing

    The kids lock thier parents in and they get killed by visious lions
  • The kids are free

    Now that the parents are dead the kids can play in africa as much as they want
  • The parents friends come

    Since the friends cant get in contact with the parents they come to the house and see blood on the nursery walls, and he also gets locked in there
  • The end

    The kids are finaly free and they have the house and nursery all to them selfs, but they do not have parents anymore