Mars rovers and their discoveries

  • Spirit rover launches to Mars

  • Opportunity rover launches to Mars

  • Spirit rover lands in the Gusev Crater

    The Spirit Mars rover landed in the Gusev Crater.
  • Opportunity lands in the Meridiani Planum

    The Opportunity Mars rover landed in the Meridiani Planum.
  • Contact with Mars rover, Spirit, ended

  • Curiosity launches to Mars

  • Curiosity rover lands in the Gale Crater

  • Curiosity finds ancient steambed

  • NASA discovers that Mars was once a grey planet

  • NASA notes that Curiosity had not found traces of Methane

    This makes the chances of life on Mars pretty low.
  • Scientist discover that Mars volcanoes were more violent than previosly belived.

  • Discovery of ancient lakes that may have supported life

  • Mars orbiter discovers that water was once on Mars

  • Opportunity rover memory reformatting

  • Planned launch of new robotic science rover