The Timeline of Michael Kerul

Timeline created by mikey37
  • Conception/ Prenatal Development Begins

    From the time of conception, to the time of birth, I went through lots of pyhsical changes and so did my mom who carried me for the 9 months of pregnancy.
  • First Trimester

  • Period: to

    First Trimester

    Germinal period, Embryonic period
  • Second Trimester

  • Period: to

    Second Trimester

    Fetal period
  • Third Trimester

  • Period: to

    Third Trimester

    Fetal period and Birth
  • The day Michael Lawrence Kerul was born

    Sex: Male
    Weight: 10lbs 8oz
  • First Two Years

  • The Play Years


    Kindergarden through 5th Grade, Eriksson Elementary
  • Period: to

    Elementary School

  • Little League Football

  • Middle School

    Grades 6-8, Lowell Middle School
  • Period: to

    Middle School

  • First day of High School

    Plymouth-Salem High School
  • Period: to

    High School


  • Dreams Do Come True

    Playing in my First college career football game
  • Its a Boy!

    8lbs 10oz baby boy named Landon
  • Wedding Bells!

    After 6 years of dating, 2 years of engagment, finally the day of marriage has come!
  • TWINS!

    Were having Twins!