The Tang Dynasty and Europe

  • Nov 29, 626

    Li Yuan ruled before being forcefully deposed by his son Li Shimin, Prince of Qin

  • Nov 29, 722

    The Tang captured the vital route through the Gilgit Valley from Tibet

  • Nov 29, 742

    Emperor Xuanzong personally held the incense burner during the ceremony of the Ceylonese monk Amoghavajra

    He was reciting "mystical incantations to secure the victory of Tang forces"
  • Li Yuan takes over the throne of the Sui Dynasty

  • Zhu Wen, now a military governor, deposed the last emperor of Tang, Emperor Ai of Tang, and took the throne for himself

  • Charlemagne took the throne

  • The Treaty of Verdun was signed

  • The invasion of Magyars

  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

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