The Syrain Uprising

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  • The Blackout Murders

    The Blackout Murders
    Before the attack that the syrian government has cut off the electricity supply and telephone services. After the syrain forces killed at least six people in an attack on a mosque. This is all happening in the southern city of Deraa, the site of major protests challenging President Bashar al-Assad's Baathist terrible rule,
  • Veil Ban for teachers

    Veil Ban for teachers
    Syrain protesters and activists have encouraged to make a stand so, Syria has closed the country's only casino and reversed a ban on teachers wearing the Islamic veil. Moves seen as an attempt to reach out to conservative Muslims ahead of calls for pro-democracy demonstrations about our natural human rights.
  • More people dead because the rejection of amnesty

    More people dead because the rejection of amnesty
    Syria's crazy uprising has claimed 13 more victims when government forces shelled the central town of Rastan in a continuing offensive that belied offers of an amnesty for regime opponents.
  • Meetings are established

    Meetings are established
    Figures attending the conference at a hotel in central Damascus are keen to emphasise that the meeting will be a discussion between independent figures and will not include representatives of the regime nor the opposition. Those who are in a political party were not invited.
  • Moncef Marzouki as president

    Moncef Marzouki as president
    Marzouki, 66, is respected by many Tunisians for his implacable opposition to the autocratic Ben Ali. As president, he will be a secularist counterweight to the moderate Islamist party Ennahda, now Tunisia's dominant political force.