The Street Brawl.

  • The Street Brawl

    The Street Brawl
    In this scene Sampson (a Capulet) bites his thumb at the Montagues. He tries to confuse the Montagues my saying "I do bite my thumb sir". Implying that he didnt bite it at them in particular. Then, the Montagues are offended and there becomes a large street brawl with both houses. The fight is stopped by the Prince.
  • The Prince Said So!

    After the Prince stops the fight he warns the two houses. He makes it very clear to each of them that there is to be no fighting in the streets.If another fight were to happen then the ones involved would be killed.
  • Arranged Marriage

    Capulet and Paris talk about setting upa marriage to Juliet.
  • She'll Be There

    Romeo and Benvolio learn that Rosaline has been invited to a party at the Capulet house. Benvolio says they should crash the party so that Romeo can see that their are other women besides rosaline
  • Love?

    Lady Capulet tells Juliet that Paris really wants to marry her.
  • They Meet

    Romeo and Juliet meet at the party and fall in love.
  • He Isnt Welcome!

    Tybalt is angry that Romeo is there but is held back by Lord Capulet.
  • Seek and Hide!

    Juliet is takin by the nurse to her room, and Romeo is looking for her.
  • The Balcony Scene

    While Benvolio and Mercutio look for Romeo, Romeo is at the balcony with Juliet and they decide they want to get married the next day.
  • Wedding 1

    Romeo goes to Friar Laurence to arrange the wedding.
  • The Beginning of the End

    Benvolio and Mercutio are still looking for Romeo because Tybalt is planning to challenge Romeo to a fight. When Romeo finds them, the Nurse arrives. Benvolio and Mercutio leave.
  • Dont Cheat!

    The Nurse warns Romeo that he better not be messing around with Juliet because Paris really wants to marry her.
  • Married <3

    The nurse delivers Romeos message.
  • Bannished!

    Benvolio and Mercutio seeTybalt. Romeo arrives,after the wedding and Tybalt challenges him. Romeo refuses, so Mercutio steps in. Tybalt kills Mercutio, so Romeo kills Tybalt. The Prince o that Romeo is to be banished.
  • Dead?!?

    Juliet cannot wait for night so that Romeo will be able to come, but the nurse tells her about Tybalts death and Romeos banishment.
  • Arranged Marriage

    Lord Capulet decides that Juliet will marry Paris on Thursday.
  • Sleepover.

    Romeo leaves to go to Mantua after spending the night with Juliet. And Juliet is told that she has to marry Paris on Thursday or else!
  • Plans For The Wedding

    Paris talks to Friar Laurence about the wedding.
  • Threats

    Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence and threatans to kill herself if she is forced to marry Paris. So he gives her a fake poison that will make her seem dead. So that Romeo and her can run away together.
  • The Letter.

    Friar Laurence sends Friar John to Mantua with a message for Romeo. Making sure he knows about Juliet.
  • Suck up

    Juliet comes back from seeing Friar Laurence and pretends to be understanding to her parents.
  • Shes Dead!

    Juliet drinks the fake poison.
  • Preperations

    Lord Capulet gets things ready for the wedding throughout the night and Paris arives very early.
  • Shes Found

    Capulets and the others find Juliets fake dead body.
  • The News

    Balthasar goes to Romeo in Mantua and tells him about Juliets death.
  • The Apothecary

    Romeo goes to the Apothecary to buy real posion to kill himself.
  • No Letter.

    Friar Lawrence finds out that Friar John didnt get the letter to Romeo. And wrights a new one to Romeo and leaves it for when Juliet wakes up.
  • Romeo Is Dead!

    Romeo and Balthasar arrive at Juliets tomb. Romeo gives Balthasar his suicide note and sends him away.
    Paris arives and comforts romeo and he kills Paris. The servant goes to get the watchmen and Romeo kills himself.
  • Juliet Kills Herself.

    Friar Laurence finds the bodies. Juliet wakes up, and Friar Laurence tries to get her to leave. She refuses, and he leaves wthen he heres the wachmen coming. Juliet kills herself.
  • Busted!

    The watchmen arrive, find the bodies, and send for the Prince, the Capulets, and Montagues. Balthasar and Friar Laurence are found and takin in by the watchmen
  • Another Death

    The Prince, Capulets, Montagues, and others arrive. News is spreading through the streets.Lady Montague died of grief earlier that evening because of Romeos Banishment.
  • The end of Mutiny.

    The familys bring their dead family to the prince who scolds them for fighting so much and creating this tragedy. They eventually end their fued.