Romeo and juliet

Rome and Juliet

By Genavie
  • The rivalery of the two houses

    "Do you bite your thumb at us sir" a fellow soilder from the house of the Montaguess asking if a capulete had just bite his thumb, which is a bad gesture back in the days showing disrespect. The two houses are rivalreys in the beginnig of the play.
  • Period: to

    Romeo and Juliet

    The main themes in the play and important qoutes.
  • Romeo is heart brooken

    Romeo is upset for the one he loved rosaline dose not see intrest in him and how she chooses to be a virgin for life.
  • Romeo meets Juliet

    Romeo enters to the house of the capulets and stays for the party just to see rosaline for one last time, but insted he forgets about her and falls for Juliet.
  • The two lovers find that hey are rivals

    after the two of them flirted and kissed they find how they had fallin in love with the family rival and they had made the biggest mistake.
  • The balcony scene

    Romeo sees his fair Juliet above him in the balcony and they talk about there banded love and how the still love eachother no matter what.
  • Romeo asks Friar Lawrence for his help

    romeo wants Friar Lawrence to bewedded them and keep this a secrete marriage between them.
  • Romeo and Juliet got married in the church

  • Mercutio dies

    Tybalt slays Mercutio to death. Mercutio puts a curse on the two houses "plauge on both houses!" sfter thst inccsdent Romeo kills Tybalt for the death of Mercutio and Romeo is now exiled from Verona. This big chaos happend on the same day of the wedding.
  • Lovers last good byes

    Romeo stays in for the night in Juliets bedroom for its the last time they will see eachother scince Romeo now has to be in mantua or else if he stays longer death is up ahead.
  • Juliet weeps of sorrow

    Juliet sad for she can no longer see her love and now to bewedd to Paris by her father to cheer her up, but now she is in a tuff situation.
  • Juliet recieves help from Friar Lawrence

    friar Lawrence helps Juliet and gives her poison to fake a death so romeo can recieve her from the grave and they can live happily in Mantua withput having to marry Paris.
  • The death of Juliet

  • Romeo recieves bad news

    Romeo's friend Balthasar who tells him the death of Juliet. Romeo devistated about this happening, he bought pioson from an apothacary to lay dead next to his love in the tomb.
  • Friar Lawrence sees that his plan has not succeeded

    Friar John gives back the letter that was ment for Romeo saying that he couldnt give the letter in time for he was stuck in a house and that they wouldnt have him leave until now that is. Now Friar Lawrence is going to have to retreive Juliet from the tomb.
  • Romeo dies

    as he gives his big talk to his dead love Juilet. he drinks the poison and dies next to Juliet
  • The death of Paris

    Both Romeo and Paris meet at the front of the Capulates tomb and fight in such confusion Romeo oonly wanted to die with his love as for Paris thinks he is going to vandalize the Capulates tomb. Romeo slays Paris and finds that he was the one Juliet was supposed to marry.
  • Juliet Awakens

    As Julilet awake Frair Lawrence is there to tell her of the failure of the plan and that they need to escape now for the watch is coming, but Juliet refuses to leave once she saw her Romeo lieng dead next to her.
  • Juliet dies

    Juliet decides to commit suicide to be lying dead with her love so she stabs herself with Romeos dagger.
  • The two houses are confuesed.

    The watchmen came in confusement of this big scenery of there newly dead people
  • The secret out

    The wittnesses tell the story of the two lovers secret love and every little detail of what had happend.
  • The two houses reunite

    As the Prince and the two houses here the end of the story they decided to end the rivalry and just get along together