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Romeo and Juliet Timeline

  • Sampson bits his thumb causing a fight

    Sampson bits his thumb causing a fight
    One of the Capulet servents prokoves the Montague servents! Oh no! A brawl erupts!
  • Romeo is sulking over Rosaline.

    Romeo is sulking over Rosaline.
    Poor Romeo... A beautiful girl had denied his love sending him spirling into a depression. Her heart will never belong to anyone.
  • Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio go to the Capulet party

    Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio go to the Capulet party
    Benvolio and Mercutio convince Romeo to go to a party to cheer him up. Romeo reluctantly agrees, even if its only because Rosaline will be there...
  • Romeo and Juliet fall in love.

    Romeo and Juliet fall in love.
    Believe in love at first sight? These two obviously do...
  • Tybalt is mad at Romeo

    Tybalt is mad at Romeo
    A party crasher is never welcome. Especially when its the son of your uncle's enemy. Seeing Romeo at the Capulet party makes Tybalt angry.
  • Balcony Scene

    Balcony Scene
    The super famous scene when Romeo and Juliet profess their love to each other and make plans to get married the next day. "I will not fail. Tis twenty years till then. [...] Good night good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow. That I shall say good night till it be marrow."
  • Romeo and Juliet get married

    Romeo and Juliet get married
    For just meeting the night before, this awfully sudden don't you agree? But Romeo and Juliet are now husband and wife.
  • Tybalt kills Mercutio

    Tybalt kills Mercutio
    While looking for Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio cross paths with Tybalt who is also looking for Romeo. Not to talk, but to fight. Mercutio challenges Tybalt to defend his friend. Romeo shows up and tries to stop the fight, but Mercutio gets stabbed under Romeo's arm.
  • Romeo kills Tybalt

    Romeo kills Tybalt
    In an act of vengance, Romeo attacks and kills Tybalt, who murdered Mercutio.
  • Romeo is exhiled

    Romeo is exhiled
    For disobeying the Prince's law, Romeo is exhiled. He is not killed because then who would pay for Mercutio's death seeing as Tybalt's already dead?
  • Juliet is to marry Paris

    Juliet is to marry Paris
    Trying to bring happiness back to his household, Lord Capulet promises Juliet's hand in marrige to his friend, Paris.
  • Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris

    Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris
    When her parents tell their daughter the 'happy news', she refuses. Lord and Lady Capulet get upset with her, threating to disown her unless she marries him. But what they don't know is that Juliet is already married to Romeo.
  • Juliet pretends to approve the marrige

    Juliet pretends to approve the marrige
    Faced with such a dilema, Juliet pretends to go along with their idea until she can figure out what to do.
  • Friar Lawrence's help

    Friar Lawrence's help
    After agreeing to the marrige, Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence (the man who wed her and Romeo) for help. After hearing her pleas for help and threats to kill herself if he didn't assist her, the Friar provides her with a sleeping potion to make her appear dead for 42 hours.
  • Wedding has been moved

    Wedding has been moved
    Going along with the Friar's plan, Juliet is feigning her approval of marrying Paris. Pleased with his daughters happiness, Lord Capulet moves the wedding from Thursday, to Wednesday.
  • Juliet takes the potion early

    Juliet takes the potion early
    Because of the wedding being moved a day early, Juliet must make haste and take the sleeping potion a day early.
  • Balthazar

    Upon seeing his masters Lady dead, Romeo's servant Balthazar hurries to Mantua to tell him the sad news.
  • Romeo buys poison

    Romeo buys poison
    When Balthazar gives him the tragic news, Romeo goes out to buy poison and go to Juliet. What good is this world to him if Juliet has left it?
  • Friar John

    Friar John
    Due to complications, Friar John could not get to Mantua to tell Romeo of the plan. Juliet is in fact alive! Friar Lawrence is now faced with a horrible twist in the plot. Hurridly, he goes to retrieve Juliet from the Capulet vault and take her with him where she will wait for Romeo.
  • Juliet has died!

    Juliet has died!
    The morning after Juliet takes the potion, the Capulets find her 'dead'. Killed by her grief for Tybalt. What was to be a happy day has now been turned sorrowful once more. "Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field. [...] O son, the night before thy wife. The she lies, flower as she was, deflowered by him. Death is my son-in-law, Death is my heir; My daughter he hath wedded."
  • Juliet wakes up

    Juliet wakes up
    Not long after Romeo dies, Juliet wakes up. Friar Lawrence rushes in just as she wakes up. He urges her to leave Romeo and come with him.
  • Paris and Romeo fight

    Paris and Romeo fight
    Mourning his fiancee, Paris is in the Capulet vault when Romeo enters. Romeo is planning to kill himself and be with Juliet forever. His grief clouds his judgment, and he and Paris fight, ending with Romeo stabbing Paris and killing him.
  • Romeo is dead

    Romeo is dead
    Finally alone with his love, Romeo says his goodbyes to the world; willing and ready to die and be reunited with his wife through death. Drinking his poison, Romeo dies within a matter of seconds.
  • Friar runs away

    Friar runs away
    Hearing a noise, the Friar knows Juliet will not be parted with Romeo, so he flees, leaving Juliet with her husband's corpse
  • Juliet dies

    Juliet dies
    No longer wanting to live, Juliet kisses Romeo, hoping that there is still some poison lingering on his lips to kill her as well. When she's still alive, no matter. She had kissed him one last time. Drawing a dagger, Juliet stabs herself. Then she dies, arms around her love, not wanting to ever be seperated. Not even in death.
  • Prince, Montague, and Capulet are summoned by the Watch

    Prince, Montague, and Capulet are summoned by the Watch
    The Watch arrives, finding the Friar and Balthazar in the church yard. They summon the Capulets, Montagues, and the Prince.
  • Feuding ends

    Feuding ends
    No more pain. The fighting ends.
    If only it never had happened... "A glooming peace this morning with it brings. The sun for sorrow will not show his head. Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things; For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."