Romeo and uliet

Romeo and Juliet

  • 1 CE

    The Opening Fight

    The Montague and Capulet family are rivals, when servents from each house start a fight the families join in. The prince arrives and says that if it happens again then they shall pay with their heads.
  • 1 CE

    The Ball

    Juliet has told her father that she would look at Paris. Little do they know that Romeo, the Montague son, would come into the party. Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, notices that Romeo is there and he wants to start a fight, but Lord Capulet told him off. Romeo sees Juliet and instantly falls in love with her.
  • 3

    The True Deaths

    Romeo realizes that it was Paris that he just killed and then goes on to take the potion after kissing Juliet's "dead" body. Then Juliet rises and sees her dead husband and decides to actually kill herself. After saying her goodbyes and kissing the dead Romeo she stabs herself. The watchman comes and sees all the dead bodies and sends for the prince and the Capulets and Montagues.
  • 4

    Romeo Falls into Heart Break

    Balthasar sees with his own eyes when Juliet is put into her tomb. When he delivers this news to Romeo, Romeo becomes heartbroken and decides that he will ly with her in death if he can't be happy with her. He tells Balthasar to bring him his horse and he goes to an apathacary and buys a poison that will kill him instantly. Then he rides into Varona.
  • 5

    Capulet and Paris' plan

    Paris has asked for Lord Capulet's daughters' hand in marriage. He has told him to wait and that he is invited to a ball, so that the daughter, Juliet, could meet Paris
  • 6

    Nurse brings Bad News, Lord Capulet wants Juliet to Marry Paris, and Friar Lawerence has a Plan

    The Nurse tells Juliet that her newlywed husband is now in exile. Then the Lord Capulet comes and says that Juliet will marry Paris, she denies him, and Capulet threatens to throw her out. Juliet feels like she can't bear to be away from her Romeo so she threatens to commit suicide. Juliet goes to the Friar and he tells her the plan, she will agree to the marriage, take a potion that seems she is dead, and then Romeo will come to get her and they can run away together.
  • 7

    The Duel and Exile

    Romeo goes to Tybalt for the duel, but before he gets there his friend Mercutio duel with Tybalt in Romeo's honor losing the duel. Romeo finds his dying friend and is willing to duel with Tybalt, the fight begins, Romeo kills Tybalt. The Capulet's come out to the streets and find the dead Tybalt and then the prince arrives. People are wanting him dead, but Benvolio states that Romeo was fighting in honor of his friend. The Prince decides that instead of death, Romeo is to be exiled from Vorona.
  • 8

    The Arrival of the Prince

    The prince, Capulets, and Montagues come and learn of the deaths. The Friar comes in and pleads innocent and explains his side of the story and what all he knows. Then the Prince says that it is true when he learns of the letter that Romeo originally sent to his father. After the Prince pardons Friar the Montague and Capulet household decide to stop their feud for they have lost relatives because of it. Then Montague says that he is going to build a statue in Juliet's honor.
  • 9

    The Wedding

    Juliet sends for her nurse to tell Romeo the news that she is ready to marry him. Romeo enlightens the nurse and tells her that Friar Lawerence will marry the two of them. The nurse "beats around the bush" but finally tells the waiting Juliet that she is to go to the Friar's house to be wed. They get married and they think that all is well and their families will put their differences aside for them. Until the nurse comes to Romeo and tells him that Tybalt has declared a duel between them.
  • 10

    The Balcony Scene

    Right after the ball, Romeo feels that he needs to stay with Juliet, and he can't leave without seeing her again. He jumps the fence and goes into the garden of the Capulet's. He sees Juliet and then proclaims his love for her, and that he will defy his name to be with her. That is when they decide to defy their parents and get married.
  • 11

    During the Ride

    Friar Laurance has realized soon after Friar John has returned that Romeo doesn't know of the plan for him to come to Juliet and that she is just faking death.
  • 12

    At the Tomb

    Paris has come to the tomb and has promised to come to the tomb every day bearing flowers, and if there are no flowers then his tears will suffice. When Romeo shows up Paris decides to hide, but once he realizes that it is Romeo he comes out and tells Romeo that he will go to jail. Then Romeo tries to get Paris to leave but Paris refuses. Then Romeo decides to duel, Paris losses and dies, wishing to lay with Juliet.