The Nurse from Romeo and Juliet

  • (1.3) Juliet's mother and nurse discuss mariage with her

    They discuss about Juliet's age, and the Nurse is saying that she is too young to be married, but Lady Capulet thinks otherwise.
  • (1.1) Nurse wonders where the boys (Capulet's) have wondered off to

    Nurse is just wondering where the servants, Sampson and Gregory are.
  • (1.2) Nurse is preparing Juliet's lunch

    Nurse is getting Juliet's lunch ready for her.
  • (1.5) Nurse is trying to find Juliet

    Juliet wonders out of the Nurses sight.
  • (2.1) Nurse stops looking for Juliet and just goes to bed

    The Nurse thought that she is fine and there are a lot of people, so she is probably just talking with some people.
  • (2.2) Nurse comes back for Juliet

    The Nurse comes back to the ball and is calling for Juliet.
  • (1.4) Nurse is getting Juliet into her dress for the ball

    The Capulet Ball is this night and the Nurse is getting Juliet into her dress, doing her hair and makeup, etc.
  • Period: to

    Sunday to Thursday

  • (2.4) Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo joke and tease with the Nurse

    Nurse tries to find Romeo because Juliet told about him and asked to find him for her. But then Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo joke and tease with the Nurse.
  • (2.4) Romeo and Nurse plan for wedding/night

    Romeo and the Nurse discuss the plan for him and Juliets wedding and wedding night.
  • (2.5) Nurse tells Juliet the wedding plan

    Nurse has "news" but she is teasing Juliet by not telling her. She does eventually tell her, and Juliet gets very eager.
  • (3.2) Nurse tells Juliet of Tybalts death by Romeo

    The Nurse is very upset to tell Juliet of Tybalt's death, Juliet is upset, but then asks if Romeo is okay.
  • (3.3) Nurse is sent by Juliet to Friar to find Romeo.

    Juliet wants to find Romeo, so she sends the Nurse to Friar to help find him.
  • (2.3) Nurse is getting ready to go meet with Romeo.

    The Nurse is making herself look not like a Nurse so she can go talk with Romeo.
  • (2.6) Nurse is deciding whether to tell Lord and Lady Capulet but decides not to.

    Nurse decides not to tell Lord and Lady Capulet about Juliet and Romeo getting married.
  • (3.1) Nurse finds out about what happened to Tybalt.

    The Nurse is devastated to hear about Tybalt's death and a bit worried for Juliet about Romeo's banishment from Verona.
  • (3.4) Nurse goes back to Juliet to help Romeo visit Juliet in the night

    Romeo is coming back to visit Juliet one last time before he leaves Verona.
  • (3.5) Nurse warns Juliet that her mother is coming

    Nurse tells Juliet that Romeo has to leave because her mother is coming (Romeo leaves).
  • (4.1) Nurse is at home while Juliet is at Friars with Paris

    Nurse is wondering how it will go with Juliet at Friar's.
  • (4.2) Nurse is talking to Capulet about Juliet's Whereabouts

    Nurse is talking to Capulet about Juliet's Whereabouts.
  • (4.3) Nurse is with Lady Capulet and they get Juliet ready for bed

    They are getting Juliet for bed because she is getting married to Paris the next day and she "needs her sleep."
  • (3.5) Lady Capulet, Juliet, and Nurse discuss her wedding with Paris

    Lady Capulet wants to move the wedding up because she thinks it will help with Juliet about being upset with Tybalt's death.
  • (4.5) Nurse and other Capulet's find Juliet's body and think that she is dead

    The Nurse and the others are shocked and very upset to find Juliet's "dead" body lying in her bed.
  • (4.4) Nurse is sent to go wake Juliet by Capulet

    The Nurse runs to Juliet's room to wake her up and get ready for the wedding. Juliet won't wake up and finds that she is dead.
  • (5.1) Nurse is helping get everything ready for Juliet's funeral

    Nurse is very upset to see Juliet like this.
  • (5.2) Nurse is at home crying over Juliet's death.

    This is a very sad time because the Nurse did everything a mother would do for Juliet.
  • (5.3) Nurse hears of Paris' death

    Nurse is shocked to hear of Paris' death and realizes that it might be Romeo who killed him.
  • (5.3) Everyone is together and they find out what happened with Romeo and Juliet

    All of the families are standing together looking over Romeo and Juliet's dead bodies and realize that this "feud" is stupid, so it ends, the feud is over and the opposite side of the family will build great monuments to honor them.