Romeo and Juliet

  • Chaos in the streets

    Chaos in the streets
    The Montagues and Capulets get into a fight in the streets about "Biteing there thumbs at each other." However, the Capulets and Montagues have been fighting for generations, the Prince says who ever is caught fighting in the streets again will be killed.
  • Heart Breaker

    Heart Breaker
    Romeo loves Rosaline, But the feelings are not mutual. Rosaline decides she is going to be a virgin the rest of her life. Romeo becomes depressed from not having Rosaline,
  • Marriage decisions.

    Marriage decisions.
    Juliets parents wants Juliet to marry Paris, but Juliet isnt ready to be married. But she agrees to meet him at the Capulets party later that night.
  • The Party.

    The Party.
    Romeos friends convince Romeo to go to the Capulets party to meet a new girl, But Romeo goes to see Rosaline not knowing he will soon meet Juliet.
  • Love at first sight.

    Love at first sight.
    Romeo and Juliet meet at the Capulets party they kiss and fall in love. Little did they know that Romeos family are Montagues and Juliets are Capulets.
  • Exchange of Vows.

    Exchange of Vows.
    Later that night Romeo sneaks over to see Juliet, where they exchange a vow. Juliet then says she will send someone to talk to Romeo the next day, and to plan their mariage.
  • Wedding.

    With the help of the Nurse, Romeo and Juliet get married from Friar Lawrence without there parents knowledge.
  • Revenge

    Tybalt challenges Romeo, because he is still upset that Romeo came to the Capulet party. But romeo refuses because they are family now. But Mercutio dosent know this so he challanges Tybalt. Yet in the end Mercutio gets killed.
  • Tybalts death.

    Tybalts death.
    Romeo was upset about Mercutio being killed, so he kills Tybalt then runs off to Friar Lawrence.
  • Banashment.

    Romeo gets banished to Mantua for killing Tybalt.
  • Juliet gets Informed.

    Juliet gets Informed.
    Juliets Nurse lets her know that Romeo has been banished to Mantua for killing Tybalt. After finding this out she decided she wanted to die.
  • Good Morning.

    Good Morning.
    Romeo spends the night with Juliet, before he is banished. He leaves early in the morning but Juliet dosent want to let him leave,
  • Forceful Marraige.

    Forceful Marraige.
    That Morning Juliet is informed that she is going to be forced to marry Paris on Thursday. Juliet gets in a figt with her father over marriage, while the Nurse is also telling her to leave Romeo.
  • Posion.

    Upset Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence for help. He gives juliet posion that will make her look dead for 42 hours, she wont have a pulse her lips will loose color. Then her life less body will be sent to where the dead Capulets go and there Romeo will meet her and they will run off to Manuta together, But Juliet isnt sure she will wake up from the posion.
  • Fathers Apology

    Fathers Apology
    Juliet apologizes to her father and then agrees to marry Paris. Knowing that she will soon be with Romeo and escape to Mantua. With her father being over thrown with joy he changes the date of the wedding to Wednesday.
  • Drink the Posion.

    Drink the Posion.
    Later that night Juliet drinks the posion after deciding if it was a good idea or not. Her mind was racing hoping she was going to wake up from the posion Fryer Lawrence gave her.
  • Juliets Dead?!?

    Juliets Dead?!?
    That morning the Nurse goes to wake Juliet for her wedding with Paris to find her "dead" body. Juliet is then taken to the Capulet monument.
  • Romeo finds out.

    Romeo finds out.
    Romeo hears of Juliets death and decides he dosent want to live. He then decides to buy posion from a poor man. The man didn't want to give the posion to Romeo but decides to since he needs to money,
  • Message was never delivered.

    Message was never delivered.
    Friar Lawrence then gets the notice that Romeo never got the message of Juliets plan. Worried about Juliet, Friar Lawrence rushes to the Capulets monument,
  • Paris vs. Romeo

    Paris vs. Romeo
    Paris goes to Juliets grave to say his goodbyes there he runs into Romeo and they fight, Romeo ends up killing Paris.
  • Romeos last drink.

    Romeos last drink.
    Romeo then drinks the posion and dies.
  • Juliet kills herself.

    Juliet kills herself.
    Juliet then awakens to Paris and Romeo dead, Friar Lawrence tryes to comfort her but she hears a noise from outside then she runs away. Juliet then kills herself with Romeos dagger.
  • bodies are found.

    bodies are found.
    The bodies of Paris, Juliet and Romeo were then found. Friar Lawrence then explaines to Lady and Lord Capulet and Lord Montague Romeo and Juliets wedding and there secret love,
  • The battle is over.

    The battle is over.
    After seeing the kids die together the families decide that the cause of there kids death was there fighting. Then they shake hands and the feud of the Montagues and Capulets is over.