Romeo and Juliet

  • Montagues v.s. Capulets

    Montagues v.s. Capulets
    For the third time, a fight broke loose in the streets of Verona against the Montague family and the Capulet family. The family fued has been going on for many generations which upsets the Prince who will sentence both families to death if one more fight breaks losse.
  • Benvolio confronts Romeo

    Benvolio confronts Romeo
    Lately Romeo has been depressed so Benvolio talks to Romeo. Romeo is sad because a girl (that he "loves") has rejected him.Benvolio's advice is to forget her which Romeo can't seem to understand how to.
  • The Capulet's talk with the Prince

    The Capulet's talk with the Prince
    After the fight in the streets of Verona, Capulet thinks it will be able to keep the peace since there is fair treatment. Plus, both are older men (both wise). Little do they know the peace won't be kept.
  • Capulet's Marriage Disscussion with Paris

    Capulet's Marriage Disscussion with Paris
    Paris asks Capulet if he may wed Capulet's daughter. Capulet's first answer is wait a little while she is too young. However, he tells Paris to hold a party so the two of them may get to know each other.
  • Capulet's Party

    Capulet's Party
    Before the party Mercutio convinces Romeo to come to the party with him (Mercutio was the only one invited out of the three). Once at the party Romeo meets the love of his life, Juliet. Tybalt then recognizes Romeo by his voice and is about ready to kick him out when Capulet stops him. At the end they learned that Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet.
  • The Balcony

    The Balcony
    Juliet confesses her love for Romeo but she wishes that his last name was different. He responds that he would give up his name for her. Juliet becomes embarrassed and then Julient is going to send someone to see Romeo to discuss their marriage details.
  • Romeo visits Friar Laurence

    Romeo visits Friar Laurence
    Friar Laurence agrees to marry the young couple because he believes that it will bring the two families together and end the feud. He warns Romeo to love moderatly because he has seen Romeo like this before.
  • Tybalt's Death

    Tybalt's Death
    After Tybalt killed Mercutio Romeo said one of them had to go with Mercutio. Romeo ended up killing Tybalt and ran off.
  • Mercutio's Death

    Mercutio's Death
    Benvolio called out that there was going to be a fight because it was hot out and the Capulets were roaming around. Tybalt wanted to duel against Romeo however Romeo didn't want to hurt his new cousin. That made Tybalt mad and tried to kill Romeo which leaded to him killing Mercutio instead because Romeo jumped to save (try to save) the both of them.
  • Romeo's Punishment

    Romeo's  Punishment
    For his punishment, Romeo is kicked out from Verona and if he returns he will be killed.
  • Juliet's Reaction

    Juliet's Reaction
    She fears that Romeo is dead by the way her nurse is talking but when she finds out that Tybalt is dead she is angry. However she is most upset about Romeo's punishment, being exiled from Verona.
  • Romeo's Reaction

    Romeo's Reaction
    His intake of his punishment is like death. Friar Laurence reminds him of what he should be thankful for like Juliet. However, Friar can't help him anymore because he cannot relate to Romeo.
  • The Wedding Discussion

    The Wedding Discussion
    Capuket tells his wife that Paris will wed Juliet on Thrusday.
  • Romeo's Farewell

    Romeo's Farewell
    When he wakes up he hears the lark bird which means it was morning however Juliet wants Romeo to stay so she argues that is was the nighingale bird. Once Juliet realizes that if Romeo didn't leave at that instant that he could be killed so she tells him go.
  • Juliet's Response to Being Married to Paris

    Juliet's Response to Being Married to Paris
    Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she will be married to Paris on Thursday. Juliets reply is simply that she does not desire to marry Paris. Once her father finds out about this he says that she either gets married to Paris or she will be kicked out onto the streets. Juliet feels alone and escaped to "confession".