Romeo and Juliet (Blumenshine)

  • 1.1: Sunday morning

    1.1: Sunday morning
    Servants fight and Prince issues decree; Romeo is in love with Rosaline "If you ever disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace" (1.193-4).
  • 1.2: Sunday, early afternoon

    1.2: Sunday, early afternoon
    Paris asks for Juliet's hand in marriage and Lord Capulet says to wait; Romeo and Benvolio are invited to the party on accident. "If you be not of the House of Montagues, I pray come and crush a cup of wine" (1.2.81-2).
  • 1.3: Sunday afternoon

    1.3: Sunday afternoon
    Lady Capulet asks about Juliet's opinion of marraige and tells her about Paris; Juliet agrees to check him out "It is an honor I dream not of" (1.3.66).
  • 1.4: Sunday evening

    1.4: Sunday evening
    Romeo has a dream about something bad happening at the party; Mercutio delivers the "Queen Mab" monologue; Romeo agrees to go to the party. "I fear to early for my mind misgives/some consequence yet hanging in the starts" (1.4.106-7).
  • 1.5: Sunday night

    1.5: Sunday night
    Tybalt sees Romeo, grows angry, and vows revenge; Romeo and Juliet meet/find out they're enemies "My only love sprung from my only hate!" (1.5.138).
  • 2.1: Sunday, late night

    2.1: Sunday, late night
    Mercutio taunts Romeo with thoughts of Rosaline, not knowing he has moved on to Juliet "Can I go forward when my heart is here? Turn back, dull earth, and turn thy center out" (2.1.1-2).
  • 2.2: Sunday, late night

    2.2: Sunday, late night
    Balcony Scene: They confess their love for one another and decide to get married "If that thy bent of love be honorable, thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow..." (2.2.143-4).
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  • 2.3: Monday, early morning

    2.3: Monday, early morning
    Friar Laurence reveals extensive knowledge of potions/plants; agrees to marry the couple to end the fight "Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied, and vice sometime by action dignified" (2.3.21-2).
  • 2.4: Monday, noon

    2.4: Monday, noon
    Tybalt sends a letter of challenge to Romeo; Nurse arranges the marriage time for Juliet with Romeo "Tybalt, the kinsman to old Capulet, hath sent a letter to his father's house" (2.4.6-7).
  • 2.5: Monday afternoon

    2.5: Monday afternoon
    Juliet is anxiously awaiting Nurse's arrival/news of marriage; heads off to church at the end of the scene "Hie to high fortune! Honest nurse, farewell" (2.5.78).
  • 2.6: Monday, midafterrnon

    2.6: Monday, midafterrnon
    Romeo and Juliet are married, even despite the warnings from Friar to Romeo. "The violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder" (2.6.9-10).
  • 3.1: Monday, midafternoon

    3.1: Monday, midafternoon
    Meructio fights Tybalt and dies; Romeo kills Tybalt; Romeo is banished "O, I am fortune's fool!" (3.1.133).
  • 3.2: Monday, evening

    3.2: Monday, evening
    Juliet is anxious for her wedding night; learns of Romeo's banishment and Tybalt's death, but decides to love him anyways "O serpent heart, hid with a flow'ring face..." (3.2.73).
  • 3.3: Monday, evening

    3.3: Monday, evening
    Romeo reacts poorly to the banishment, wishing he were dead instead; Friar yells at him for being a baby and comes up with the plan to keep them together; sends Romeo to see Juliet one last time. "How should they when wise men have no eyes?" (3.3.62).
  • 3.4: Monday, late evening

    3.4: Monday, late evening
    Capulet arranges the marriage between Paris and Juliet "These times of woe afford no times to woo" (3.4.8). "I think she will be ruled in all respects by me; nay more, I doubt it not" (3.4.13-4).
  • 3.5: Tuesday, early morning

    3.5: Tuesday, early morning
    Romeo must leave Juliet; Capulet tells Juliet of her marriage to Paris and threatens to disown her if she doens't marry him; Nurse advises Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris, marking the end of their relationship. "More light and light, more dark and dark our woes" (3.5.36).
  • 4.1: Tuesday, early afternoon

    4.1: Tuesday, early afternoon
    Juliet goes to Friar's cell to ask for help and runs into Paris arranging their marriage. Friar comes up with another plan to help her and gives her the potion. "Give me, give me! O, tell me not of fear!" (4.1.121).
  • 4.2: Tuesday, early evening

    4.2: Tuesday, early evening
    Juliet agress to marry Paris as per the Friar's plan; Capulet, overjoyed, moves the wedding up one day, from Thursday to Wednesday. "Pardon, I beseech you! Henceforward I am ever ruled by you" (4.2.21-2).
  • 4.3: Tuesday, night

    4.3: Tuesday, night
    Juliet contemplates all that could go wrong, but drinks the potion anyways "My dismal scene I needs must act alone" (4.3.18).
  • 4.4: Wednesday morning

    4.4: Wednesday morning
    Nurse is sent to wake Juliet for her wedding day to Paris "Go waken Juliet, trim her up. I will go and chat with Paris..." (4.4.25-6)
  • 4.5: Wednesday, morning

    4.5: Wednesday, morning
    Juliet is found "dead" and Friar sets his plan of moving her to the tomb in motion "The heavens do lower upon you for some ill; Move them no more by crossing their high will" (4.5.94-5).
  • 5.1: Wednesday, early afternoon

    5.1: Wednesday, early afternoon
    Romeo learns of Juliet's "death" from Balthsar and buys poison from the apothecary to kill himself "O mischief, thou art swift to enter in the thoughts of desperate men" (5.1.36).
  • 5.2: Wednesday, afternoon/evening

    5.2: Wednesday, afternoon/evening
    Friar Laurence finds out Friar John was unable to give the letter to Romeo; decides to get Juliet out of the tomb himself. "Unhappy is my fortune! By my brotherhood, the letter was not nice, but full of charge of dear import; and the neglecting of it may do much danger" (5.2.17-9).
  • 5.3: Thursday, early morning

    5.3: Thursday, early morning
    Romeo fights Paris, who is there to say goodbye to Juliet. Paris is killed by Romeo, who feels bad and then shortly after kills himself. Frair rushes in as Juliet wakes and tries to get her out to a nunnery, but she refuses and stabs herself. Friar then, having failed to escape, must explain the entire situation to everyone.

    Prince feels all have been punished and the parents end the fued. "See what a scourge is laid upong your hate, that heaven finds means to kill your joys with love" (5.