Romeo and juliet 2013

Romeo and Juliet Project

  • Act 1:1

    Act 1:1
    Sunday morning:
    Montague and Capulet's fight in the street is broken up by Prince. Romeo is pining for Rosaline who has rejected him.
  • Act 1:2

    Act 1:2
    Sunday afternoon:
    Lord Capulet and Paris talk about arranging a marriage with Paris and Juliet. Romeo and Benvolio learn Rosaline is invited to the Capulet party. Benvolio suggests crashing it, so Romeo can see all the other beautiful women there are and move on from Rosaline.
  • Act 1:3

    Act 1:3
    Sunday evening:
    Lady Capulet with the assistment of the Nurse tell Juliet that Paris wants to marry her, and they ask Juliet questions about marriage and tell her she needs to look for Paris at the party to see if she would marry him.
  • Act 1:5

    Act 1:5
    Sunday late evening:
    Tybalt hears Romeos voice and sees him at the Capulet party and wants to toss him out, Lord Capulet calms him down and tells him he isn't doing any harm. Romeo soon see's Juliet and immediatly forgets of Rosaline and they go out of the room and kiss. The nurse comes and tells Juliet her mother needs her and Romeo realizes once agaain he's fallen for the enemy.
  • Period: to

    Romeo and Juliet

  • Act 2:1

    Act 2:1
    Sunday late/Monday early morning:
    Romeo goes back to the Capulets house to find Juliet. Romeo compares her to the morning sun, far more beautiful than the moon it banishes. Juliet is talking to herself on her balcony, he eventually interupts her and she gets startled. He climbs up the balcony to her and Romeo wishes to marry her. The Nurse calls and Juliet leaves and returns and says her emissary should call him around nine in the morning. And they share a a final kiss before Romeo leaves.
  • Act 2:2/3

    Act 2:2/3
    Monday morning:
    Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence and asks if he could wed him and Juliet. At first, Friar denys, claiming it's just infatuation, and then realizes that the marriage could end the fued between the familes, and agrees. Later in the day the Nurse finds Romeo & they go into the church and he asks the Nurse to tell Juliet to go to confession at Friar Lawrence’s cell & there they will be married; the Nurse agrees.
  • Act2:5

    Monday afternon:
    Juliet became impatient waiting on the Nurse to return and she began saying rude things about her. She finally arrives and dillydallies around until Juliet gets aggrivated and the Nurse tells her the message Romeo left and the plan on how they will wed. They become excited and jump around and hug.
  • Act2:6

    Monday aftrernoon:
    Romeo meets Juliet and the Nurse at Friar Lawrences cell and marry. Both become very excited for the night to come.
  • Act3:1

    Monday afternoon:
    Benvolio and Mercutio encounter Tybalt, Romeo arrives right when fighting is about to start. Tybalt sees Romeo and says he wants to fight, Romeo refuses. Mercutio gets upset and decides to defend Romeo, in his attempt he fails and dies. Romeo then, kills Tybalt and the families arrive and Lady Capulet demands Romeo's death, but Romeo just recieves exile.
  • Act3:4

    Monday late evening:
    Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Paris all decide when the wedding date will be (on thursday).
  • Act3:5

    Monday night/Tuesday morning:
    Romeo and Juliet have their wedding night and seal their marriage. Once Romeo leaves, Lady Capulet and the Nurse enter and tell Juliet that her wedding with Paris is this Thursday. Juliet rufuses and Lord Capulet enters and sees that Juliet is not pleased with the decision and becomes furious and threatens Juliet. Nurse tells Juliet she should go through with the wedding.
  • Act4:1

    Tuesday late morning/early afternoon:
    Paris talks to Friar about the wedding, when Juliet enters. Paris thinks Juliet is there for confession, but she is really there to discuss with Friar about the plan to not have the wedding. Friar creates a plan for Juliet to drink a poisonous liquid and feel dead to the touch for 2days, and to wake up with Romeo there and for them to leave town together.
  • Act4:3

    Tuesday evening:
    Juliet agreed to marrying Romeo and gets in bed to take the potion. She thinks long and hard about everything that could go wrong, but takes it anyway.
  • Act4:5/5:1

    Wednesday morning:
    Nurse finds Juliets body and the wedding gets cancelled. Romeo didnt recieve letter from Friar and goes to an Apothecary when he finds out about Juliet.
  • Act5:2

    Thursday evening:
    Lawerence learns Romeo didn't recieve the letter and immediatly sends for another, which he also never recieves.
  • Act5:3

    Thursday evening:
    Paris and servant arrive at tomb to grieve. Romeo and Balthasar show up and Romeo and Paris start arguing. Balthasar recieves Romeos suicide letter and leaves. Paris and Romeo contiue fighting and eventually Romeo takes Paris's life. Romeo enters tomb and see's Juliet, he says a view words and then drinks death potion.
  • Act5:3

    Friday morning:
    Friar arrives finding Romeo dead next to Juliets soon to be awaken body. Once Juliet awakens, Friar tries to get Juliet to leave immediatly but soon finds Romeos corpse and Friar flees. Juliet takes Romeos dagger, crying and kills herself with it. Watchmen finds bodies and everyone arrives and Friar & Balthasar explain everything that happend. Prince scolds families and the fued ends.