Romeo and Juliet

  • Act 1, scene 1

    Sampson, Gregory, and Abraham are fighting when Benvolio and some officers stop them.
    Benvolio gets into a conversation with Romeo. They talk about Rosaline and her beauty.
  • Act 1, Scene 2

    Paris ask's Capulet for permission to marry Juliet. Capulet says yes to Paris. Romeo talks to Capulets clown and he says that the Capulets are having a party which Rosaline will be at.
  • Act 1, Scene 3

    Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she is to marryb Paris. The nurse is overjoyed about this. Juliet says "I'll look to like, if looking liking move, but no more deep will I endart mine eye than your consent gives strength to make it fly."
  • Act 1, Scene 4

    Romeo is talking to Mercutio and Mercutio thinks that Romeo is inlove with Rosaline. Romeo says he is not. Then Mercutio starts a song about what people dream and that dreamers often lie.
  • Act 1, Scene 5

    The Capulets decide to have a party which benvolio and Romeo sneek into with mask's on. This is where Romeo see's Juliet. Romeo instantly falls in love with her. She does the same. Juliet tells the Nurse all about it.
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    Romeo and Juliet

  • Act 2, Scene 1

    Romeo decides to jump the wall that is in between him and the home of Juliet. When he does this Mercutio states a whole bunch of remarks.
  • Act 2, Scene 2

    Once he does this Juliet starts to talk about how she loves Romeo and that she wishes he was not a Montigue. Then she hears something in the bushes and she tells the intruder to come out and when he does she asks for his name and he tells her he is the one that she wishes was not a Montague. So he goes to talk to her. He climbs to the banaster to talk to her and they decide that they want to get married.
  • Act 2, Scene 3

    Romeo ask's Friar Lawrence, the Pope, to marry Romeo and Juliet, he says yes.
  • Act 2, Scene 4

    Mercutio is wondering where Romeo is. Then comes Romeo and then the Nurse is looking for him. She ask's Romeo when they will get married.
  • Act 2, Scene 5

    The Nurse said that Romeo got consent from Friar Lawrence to marry Juliet and Juliet tel the nurse that she got consent to go to the church.
  • Act 2, Scene 6

    Friar Lawrence married Juliet and Romeo.
  • Act 3, Scene 1

    It is a hot day and Mercutio is grouchy, then Tybalt says some smart remarks and Mercutio gets mad and they fight and when Romeo tries to break it up Tybalt accidently stabbed Mercutio and he died. Then Romeo gets mad and kills Tybalt. So the Prince decides to banish Romeo.
  • Act 3, Scene 2

    The Nurse tells Juliet what happened and Juliet is devastated.
  • Act 3, Scene 3

    Friar Lawrence tells Romeo that he is to be banished and Romeo thinks that is the worst thing in the world.
  • Act 3, Scene 4

    Capulet and Paris talk about Tybalt's death.
  • Act 3, Scene 5

    Romeo has to leave Juliet. Capulet and Lady Capulet come in and think that Juliet is crying about Tybalts death. They think that telling her that she will marry Paris would cheer her up, but it does the opposite. So Juliet goes to Friar to ask him if he can do anything in which he can not.
  • Act 4, Scene 1

    Frair and Paris are talking about impending the wedding. Then Juliet comes in and Friar has had time to think of a solution so he gives her a potion that will make her look dead but she is just sleeping.
  • Act 4, Scene 2

    Juliet goes home and tells her parents that she will marry Paris. Capulet goes and tells Paris the news.
  • Act 4, Scene 3

    Juliet is in her bedroom and she drinks the substance in the vial.
  • Act 4, Scene 4

    The next morning the Nurse finds Juliet and she tells Lady Capulet and then Capulet, Capulet asks Friar what to do and he says, put her in a tomb as soon as they can.
  • Act 4, Scene 5

    Peter Fusses at the Musicians for not playing a song that he requested.
  • Act 5, Scene 1

    Balthazar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Romeo goes back to Verona to see for himself and on the way he gets a vial of death poison.
  • Act 5, Scene 2

    Friar L ask's Friar J how Romeo responded to Friar L's letter in which Friar J said that he was unable to get the letter to Romeo.
  • Act 5, Scene 3

    Romeo gets to the tomb kills Paris and then goes in and sees juliet then he drinks the vial as she is waking up then he dies and then with a dagger Juliet kills herself.