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Romeo & Juliet

  • Introduction

    It is around 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning when two Capulets, Gregory and Sampson, decide to skip Mass and stroll into a public place with their swords. Two men of the house of Montague, Abraham & Balthasar, stroll in to the same place as well. Sampson bites his thumb (flicks him off) but says it is not directed toward them because the law is not on his side in this case. They then yell & eventually fight. Benvolio Capulet steps in & breaks it up. Tybalt Montague comes & starts a town brawl.
  • Romeo is here! He's been rejected, single, and ready to mingle.

    Romeo is here! He's been rejected, single, and ready to mingle.
    ...Prince Escalus breaks up the fight & says that if any more fights occur between the families, the Godfather of each house will die. After the fight, it's noticed by his mother that Romeo hasn't been seen all day. He's been in the forest, crying about Rosaline rejecting him. He then arrives at the scene and talks with Benvolio. An illiterate Capulet servant arrives & asks Romeo to read a guest list for a Capulet costume party that night. Rosaline is on the list & Benvolio & Romeo decide to go.
  • The Party

    The Party
    Romeo arrives with his wingman, Mercutio. Romeo isn't supposed to be there b/c this is a Capulet party and Romeo is of the Montague house. But it's a costume party, so Romeo wears a mask to shield his face. But Tybalt recognizes him by his voice. He wants to kill him for being at the party but Capulet tells him not to b/c he's doing no harm. Juliet arrives & Romeo instantly likes her. They meet & banter back & forth religious metaphors b/c Romeo tried to kiss her hand. He then kisses her lips.
  • Romeo and Juliet's balcony conversation after the party.

    Romeo and Juliet's balcony conversation after the party.
    After the party, Romeo leaves Benvolio and Mercutio and hops an orchard wall, right over to under a balcony where Juliet is standing a thinking out loud about Romeo. Romeo awkwardly listens to her and eventually reveals hid presence. She reminds him that if he gets caught, he would die, but he loves her too much to care. They discuss how sadly coincidental it is that their very last names tear them apart! Romeo then tells her that he will visit his "Ghostly Father" (Friar Laurence) for help.
  • Romeo asks Friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet

    Romeo asks Friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet
    Romeo visits Friar Laurence the morning after the party & explains to him that he is over Rosaline & has found a new love. Juliet. He wants Friar to marry them. Friar Laurence dismisses the idea because,"Young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes." But the Friar has a change of mind & agrees to marry Romeo & Juliet, thinking that this may help to end the quarrel between the Montague & Capulet households. Juliet's nurse gives her the news-she heads to the Friar's cell
  • The Wedding Planners

    The Wedding Planners
    Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Paris meet in a room in the Capulet's house and discuss the woes that have just occurred and how sad Juliet is. Paris asks to be married to Juliet, a topic that has been discussed for some time. Lady Capulet allows him to and they schedule the wedding on Thursday.
  • Romeo goes to tell Mercutio and Benvolio of his recent marriage. But the Capulets ruin it of course, so Tybalt will pay.

    Romeo goes to tell Mercutio and Benvolio of his recent marriage. But the Capulets ruin it of course, so Tybalt will pay.
    Romeo goes to tell Mercutio and Benvolio about his recent marriage, in a public place. But the Capulets are there harassing them. Once Romeo arrives, Tybalt immediately want to fight. But Romeo can't for a reason he won't share (they're family). Mercutio can't handle him being so feminine so he and Tybalt in to duel-ish. Romeo steps in to protect him-Tybalt pierces Mercutio in the side under Romeo's arm-They realize that it's fatal-Mercurio dies-Romeo turns to EXTREME anger-He then slays Tybalt.
  • Romeo visits Friar Laurence

    Romeo visits Friar Laurence
    Romeo visits Friar Laurence for comfort of for even a plan. He just wants to end himself because of the unfortunate things he has done and gone through. Friar comforts him for a short time by making a fake plan to boost his spirits. The nurse is also present to tell Romeo that Juliet weeps.
  • Juliet does NOT want to marry Paris

    Juliet does NOT want to marry Paris
    While Juliet & Romeo are hanging out above the orchard at her house, the nurse comes in & tells her that her mother would like to speak to her in her room, so Romeo leaves. Her mother tells her how much she hates Romeo for Tybalt's death, which makes it VERY hard for Juliet to tell her mother about already marrying Romeo. Her mother then continues to tell her that she is to marry Paris on Thursday. She tells her mother then father that she doesn't want to, and her father turns to MASS FURY!
  • Juliet seeks remedy

    Juliet seeks remedy
    After her extreme scolding by her father, Juliet visits Friar Laurence. When she arrives at his cells, Paris is also there talking with the Friar about the marriage on Thursday. When Paris leaves, Juliet grabs the knife and threatens to kill herself if the Friar doesn't give her a plan of hope. He gives her a plan...
  • Romeo is exiled to Mantua. Juliet is full of emotions.

    Romeo is exiled to Mantua. Juliet is full of emotions.
    The Prince doesn't kill Romeo for killing Tybalt b/c Romeo was actually fighting for Mercutio-The Prince's nephew and Romeo's friend. When Juliet is in an orchard, she receives news of Tybalt's death-Romeo's exile from her nurse. She is mad at Romeo at first for killing her cousin and calls him a "dove-feather'd raven" & other things-symbolizing his beautiful exterior and disgusting interior. But she eventually finds relief in that Romeo is alive-he could've been killed by Tybalt.
  • The Plan

    The Plan
    Friar gives Juliet a distilled liquor, a potion to take that Tuesday night. It will simulate death. It'll take the color of her lips & cheeks from her & a very low breath & hear beat, but she will be alive. It will last for 42 hours. Friar will send letters to Romeo, explaining their plan. He will visit her Thursday night & take her to Mantua with him. But Juliet is paranoid and fearful and she thinks three things. 1-It won't work. 2-Friar might poison her. 3-She will wake up in the vault alone.
  • Juliet readies for sleep

    Juliet readies for sleep
    Juliet gets home & they are preparing for the wedding. Juliet acts all happy & satisfied with the fact that she is marrying Paris on Thursday. Since she so okay with marrying Paris, Capulet changes the wedding to Wednesday-tomorrow. That night Juliet crawls into bed with a dagger by her side, just in case the potion does not work. She gives a big hype-up speech & drinks the potion to Romeo, her love. She then passes out from the drink.
  • Romeo receives the TWISTED news

    Romeo receives the TWISTED news
    Balthasar was told by Romeo to deliver him any news of Juliet while he is in Montua. Balthasar saw the burial of Juliet & thought she was actually dead, not asleep. So he rides to Montua & tells Rome of Juliet's death. So Romeo buys poison from an old apothecary & rides to Verona to commit suicide by Juliet in her tomb.
  • Juliet is found "dead" ;)

    Juliet is found "dead" ;)
    The Nurse enters Juliet's room Wednesday morning and finds her "dead'. so far, the Friar's plan is working. So they change the wedding plans, to funeral plans. "All things that we ordained festival, turn from their office to black funeral."-Capulet. Friar Laurence manages her "burial"-above ground b/c of Verona's high water level.
  • Romeo has to get past Paris

    Romeo has to get past Paris
    Paris and a page go to guard Juliet's tomb just in case any robbers come to rob it. Romeo and Balthasar then come and Romeo sees Paris. Romeo and Paris awkwardly explain who they are & Romeo slices-up Paris b/c he just won't move! He feels bad so he carries Paris in the tomb with him. Romeo goes by the side of Juliet, takes the poison, and,"thus with a kiss", dies.
  • Friar Laurence visits Friar John

    Friar Laurence visits Friar John
    Friar Laurence visits Friar John-to whom he gave a letter explaining the plan he thought up for Romeo and Juliet. Friar John didn't deliver the letter b/c he was caring for the sick so he was not allowed to leave the city-in fear that he may spread the sickness. Also, no messengers wanted to carry the letter-in fear they may get sick. Since Juliet is going to wake up in three hours. Friar Laurence plans to write again to Montua, get Juliet from the tomb, & keep her in his cell until Romeo comes.
  • Juliet wakes up!

    Juliet wakes up!
    Friar Laurence arrives at the tomb & meets Balthasar who tells him the story. Friar Laurence quickly spills the story to Juliet who is extremely drowsy. He tells her that he'll hide her among the nuns, but she turns down the deal. Friar Laurence then LEAVES! Juliet is confused with two dead guys on her, alone, in the darkness, scared. She finally sees that Romeo is in her bosom. She sees his poison is empty so she kisses him in attempt to get some. Then she stabs herself with Romeo's dagger.
  • The End

    The End
    Watchmen, Paris's page, Balthasar, Prince Escalus, Lady Capulet, Capulet, Montague, and many other enter the tomb. Montague announces that his wife died that night from grief of Romeo's exile. The story is recapped and the families end their grudge. "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."-Prince Escalus.