Romeo and Juliet

  • First fight

    The Capulets and the Montagues get into a fight that's stopped by the prince. the prince, tired of the feud between the two households says that to the next fight Lord Capulet and Lord Montagues will be executed as a consequence.
  • Romeo is sad because of Rosaline's rejection

    Romeo fell in love with a girl Rosaline, but sadly for him, she rejected him and said she wanted to stay a virgin for life.
  • Pre Capulet party

    Lord Capulet is throwing a party, to which he invites Paris. Paris wants to marry Juliet but the Lord is uncertain and wants to wait. Lord Capulet sents his servant to send the invitations but his servant doesn't know how to read. He comes across Benvolio and Romeo and asks them if they could help him and invites them to the party, not knowing they're Montagues. Benvolio convinces Romeo to go to the party to forget Rosaline and find another girl.
  • Romeo and Juliet meet

    Romeo and Juliet meet
    At the Capulet party, Romeo and Juliet meet and they fall in love at first sight.
  • Romeo meets Nurse

    Romeo was hanging out with his friends when Nurse came up to them and asked to speak to Romeo.
  • Romeo and Juliet get married

    Romeo and Juliet get married
    Juliet tells Romeo that he has to marry her to prove his love and loyalty to her. Friar Laurence accepts to marry them.
  • Second fight - Romeo's banishment

    Insulted that Romeo crashed the Capulet party, Tybalt picks a fight with him. Romeo refuses to fight because Tybalt is the cousin of his wife, so he's like family. Mercutio gets mad that Romeo isn't responding to Tybalt's fight, Mercutio takes his place and starts a fight with Tybalt. He accidentally kills Mercutio and as a revenge, Romeo starts a fight with Tybalt and ends up by killing him. Since Tybalt killed Mercutio, the Price doesn't kill Romeo but banishes him instead for killing Tybalt.
  • Romeo and Friar Laurence

    Devasted because of his banishment, Romeo goes to see Friar Laurence and tries to kill himself but Friar Laurence stops him and gives him reasons to be happy.
  • Romeo and Juliet's honeymoon

    Romeo and Juliet's honeymoon
    Romeo snuck up into Juliet's room where they have their honeymoon. In the morning Juliet doesn't Romeo to leave but he has to if he doesn't want to get cut because he's banished.
  • Juliet and Friar

    Juliet and Friar
    Lord Capulet suddenly had a change of heart and agreed for Paris to marry Juliet. Juliet refuses to marry Paris and gets into a fight with her father, who tells her that if she doesn't change her mind he'll disown her and kick her out of the house. Not knowing what to do she goes to see Friar Laurence. He finds a solution, he gives her a potion that will make her look dead for 42 hours to have a funeral and when she'll wake up Romeo will be there and they'll be able to flee together to Mantua
  • Juliet's funeral - Balthazar goes to Montua

    Seeing that Juliet is "dead", Balthazar goes to Mantua to tell Romeo, who hasn't received Friar Laurence's letter.
  • Romeo goes to Verona

    Devasted about Juliet's "death" Romeo goes to Mantua. When he gets there he buys poison and goes to the Capulet Volt where all the Capulets are placed there after their death. There he finds Paris, they fight and Romeo kills Paris
  • Romeo's death

    When he gets there Romeo sees Juliet lying there and he talks to her and then he takes the poison not long after Juliet wakes up.
  • Friar Laurence and Juliet in the volt

    When Frair gets to the volt, as panned he sees Balthazar and since he knows that Romeo didn't get his letter he rushes into the volt and finds Romeo dead. He es that Juliet is waking up and he tries to convince her to leave put she resists. Friar Laurence gives up and leaves Juliet alone in the Volt
  • Juliet's suicide

    Juliet's suicide
    Seeing that Romeo took poison she takes the file that contained it but finds it empty. Then, she kisses Romeo in case there are some left on his lips but there isn't. So she decides to kill herself with Romeo's dagger.
  • The end

    Seeing what their family feud did to their children the two households finally find peace